Well gang, we have a few challenges here.

I have been going through all of the new subscribers that signed up at the bike shows and have discovered some data entry errors that have been causing a few people to not get their paper. I still have half of the list to go through. As we find and correct the errors we are extending out the subscriptions so that everyone gets what they paid for.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

The good news is that I am half way done! By tonight I should have everyone cleaned up.

If you subscribe to the paper I really want to encourage you to log in to the site at - if you can't remember your password just hit forgot password and then once you log in you can update your password to reflect one you'd like.

Open Roads Leather shop in West Edmonton Mall has a coupon under the new Rider's Save section of the site that you can download and print off - it's good for $25.00 off at their store!

Anyway, gotta run. I don't want anyone missing their papers or the great tools that are here!

Stay safe out there.

Belt Drive Betty

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