Well gang, 600 events in the calendars so far and I know we are only touching the tip of the iceberg!

Just about caught up on books and other office stuff that has to go on around here.

It's kinda tough working by myself again, I wish Debralee and Kris all the happiness and luck in the world at their new campground out in Falkland. I'm gonna miss her but I know I will find that new office administrator soon.

Until she arrives - whoever she is - I hope you'll help us out by adding your events.
I want to really thank Arlene from Lumby for helping out with the phone book data entry and clean up.

I also want to thank the 35 of you who have already filled out surveys...keep them coming gang- it's only by answering it that I'll be able to deliver what you want in your community paper.

I appreciate you all and want to give you the best I can.

Stay safe out there.

Belt Drive Betty

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