Not sure how often you visit the site but I hope you have noticed all of the little changes happening.

Our site has been approved by a number of top level advertisers and affiliate programs, which is really good news for us, especially if any of you decide to check out what these people have to offer. We applied to as many quality Canadian programs and advertisers as we could.

We have also signed with Delta Hotels for a year and it is my hopes that we can keep these advertisers happy. Just like the BDB Club program - I hope you will support the people who support us - it is after all advertisers who pay for the tools and information we supply and the free web sites that we host for non profits.

The changes are not just in the advertising we have been approved for. Ali has been working like a fiend to finish all of our travel and tourism pages, our lifestyles and BDB Club pages.

We are planning on running another contest soon, we still need to work out the details but it will involve your knowledge of and participation on this site....And for those of you who have been asking - YES we will be running another show 'n' shine.

There is a new survey for you to take about Hotels and Motels, it's located on the Belt Drive Community pages under Travel & Tourism....please fill it out - our sponsors want your input into their businesses and what they supply in their establishments.

Anyway - if I am going to print the runs, rallies and events in the paper this coming week I had best get cracking with tidying up the events in the calenders....until next time,
Stay safe and warm...

Belt Drive Betty

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