I am doing my best to get things done in a timely fashion but I sure could use some help.

You event coordinators could help out a lot by making sure we have your 2010 events in the calendars. Remember, we start printing these in the newspaper the first week of January - if your riding club wants the exposure - we'd love to help you! Help us help you by getting the info into the calendars. Membership on our site is free - so come one and lets make the 2010 calendars the best they've been yet!!!!

Speaking of Riding Clubs - we'd love profiles on your clubs/groups. Why would you want to do that, well....if you want to grow your membership, promoting your club to the rest of the community is a great place to start.

Membership on Belt Drive Betty dot Com comes with a unique perk too...

The BDB Club Savings Card. That card is good for special services, discounts and other perks at over 160 locations across this great country and growing!

Download yours today - you'll find links to it in the member tools on the right hand of the main page and in the Business Section under the BDB Club  - Only members can see the link on the right hand page or download the card - why not take advantage of the specials offered by our business partners - I mean, seriously, Christmas is just around the corner!
Use the Rider Friendly Directory for the retailers who honor the BDB Club card...

The 2010 phone book ad sales are coming along nicely - but again - I could use help with sales for the newspaper and the web site - so if anyone is looking to make some Christmas money - contact me. I need reps in Atlantic Canada, Quebec and Ontario!
We will be "giving" away the book to our members - you will only have to pay the shipping fee if you want one!  

Well, speaking of sales, I gotta get on with it, so please, Ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and please, stay safe.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP - AIM-Can
Alliance for Injured Motorcyclists

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