September 11 2001 was an emotional day for many, world wide.

Yesterday as I worked on many projects that need to be accomplished I watched memorials on TV and bowed my head in prayer for all those who are hurting.

The emotion, the feelings that are still raw were very evident.

There are many conspiracy theories and hundreds of questions that need to be answered about that fateful day, but, one thing is certain, no matter what happened to cause the twin towers to come down, no matter what took place in PA and in DC - there are many who are grieving, who hurt and who will never forget their loved ones, colleagues and friends who perished that day.

Bruce Arnold sent me an article from Toronto that points out 34 things about 9/11 that people should be reading and then asking hard questions about.

I have watched many videos and documentaries on the happenings of the days leading up to 9/11 and the weeks after. Like many, I have questions about that day. I am sure there are many who lost loved ones and colleagues that would also like to know the truth about that fateful day.

No matter the questions, no one can dispute the number of lives lost and families who have been affected forever.

My heart goes out to all who lost someone important to them...we will never forget.

In other News:

In International/National News - Power metres in your home are telling tales on you and it is eerily like being wire tapped.

Harley is back in the news for their newest commercial

In Alberta, two riders were critically injured in Clarseholm

In BC, a Nanaimo man is dead following a crash.

In New Brunswick, a 33 year old woman is dead after  mis-navigating a corner

There is a ton of other news from the weekend that you may want to get caught up on. Visit to find out what might affect your day and life.

I am done putting the ladies calendar together and almost done with the men's calendar.
These are going to make great stocking stuffers and will offer great support to the charities that they support. We will have them available for sale shortly - everything is by PRE order only - I am not getting stuck with calendars being left over!

Like every day - I am a busy gal so I will sign off asking you to be please, ride like everyone is out to get you and is blind and please use respect with that right hand...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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