The word is out today that Ducati is on the block and interested companies are beginning to line up. 1.6 BILLION dollars is what it is going to take to buy this Iconic brand...the private equity investor says the company is perfect and ready for sale to an industrial partner that can take it to the next level....

In Montreal, the parole board has some deep concerns over an informant that refuses to get help for mental issues.  St├ęphane Faucher, according to the article in the Montreal Gazette, turned informant during a takedown of the Angels in 2011. However, when it came to trial time, Faucher was incoherent, babbling incomplete sentences and then he told Beliveau (the judge) that he was the victim of a "frame-up," and accused two police investigators of tricking him to turn against the Hells Angels.

He was subsequently incarcerated for 14 years plus he was convicted of contempt of court.  Normally he would be eligible for release, however in light of his violent behaviour behind bars, the fact that he refuses to be examined for mental health issues and has made comments about how he intends to ARM himself for his own protection he is being held with the parole board to review their decision in a year.

Hmmm, sounds like someone with buyers remorse and/or a guilty conscience.
What are your thoughts on this man's actions and behaviour?

In other news...

In Saskatchewan, it looks like sport bike riders are about to get nailed with higher insurance premiums.

The trial of Monty Robinson gets underway today in BC - my personal views on this RCMP officers trial? I hope justice really prevails ....motorcycle rider Orion Hutchinson did not deserve to die because of the actions of this officer...

In the US they are discussing the devious deeds of a man who posed as a veteran to bilk bikers out of thousands and thousands of dollars...

In New Mexico riders of motorcycles and bicycles have joined forces to get a law passed that would see stiffer fines for causing death of a rider through a crash...will they get it through this round of the New Mexico legislature? We'll have to wait and see.

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On a personal note...
Whitney Houston, may you rest in peace, finally.
I know that there are many who feel that celebrities get to much attention and feel the whole world mourns their losses more that those of our men and women of the armed forces. BUT...
They are humans who have brought certain joy to our world and their passing is cause for sadness.
Fame, fortune and celebrity are not always tied to happiness - sadly, too many of the rich and famous are befriended by people who do not have their best interests at heart and the mental and physical abuse that brought this fabulous singer, actress and model to this place is a testament to that. Bobby Brown was wildly jealous of his wife's career and fame and became abusive. Although she never blamed him for her addiction problems, if you are an abused person or a survivor of abuse, you know all too well how easy it is to fall into the spiral. Is Bobby Brown responsible for her demise and eventual death, I can't say for sure, but I am pretty sure he contributed to it. We have lost some incredible talents to drugs, booze, loneliness and isolation - it is so sad that often those with great talents have been used up by the world of users...leaving the rest of us feeling cheated. RIP Ms Houston.

I leave you with a few funnies from my friends on Facebook and from emails...I love my bent friends! Thank you for always giving me something to giggle about! Today is a good day to laugh.

Have a fantastic Monday everyone...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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