As we see in the conflicts that are brewing around this world of ours, the power of the people to affect change is powerful.

A small group of committed individuals can accomplish much.

They can topple governments or back them up against a wall.

The on highway motorcycle community in Canada is rapidly approaching 1 million registered motorcycles.

Every weekend you will see thousands of us gathered at various events across our respective provinces and territories, always riding and working for charities that mean something to us, that hit home for us.

Very seldom however, do you see this community rally around itself and its own issues outside of riders we love/care about needing help.

As we get prepared for the 2014 riding season, we as riders are going to face a variety of issues. Some will affect all of us, other issues will only affect certain riders.

Insurance is an issue that affects us all as are the condition of the highways in this country. So is distracted driving.

As a rider who has ridden across this great land of ours, I can tell you road maintenance is also an issue in the majority of regions.

Some of us will experience police harassment, others will ride uninterrupted.

Some of us will experience headaches in communities with Motorcycle Only Noise Bylaws, others will never be detained or bothered.

Some of us will have great experiences at dealerships and others not so much.

Some of us will experience discrimination and be turned away from establishments because of how we dress and what we ride, others will experience none of that.

This summer, when you experience issues, do something about it.

Document it.  Photos, videos and written accounts of the situations you encounter.

Then if you live in a province/territory with a Riders Rights Organization like BCCOM, ABATE, BRO, Coalition of Manitoba Motorcycle Groups, RAGE or the newly formed Atlantic Motorcycle Coalition, get that information into them so that they have something concrete to work with.

They can't help you or anyone else unless YOU give them something to work with.

If you are in a province where there is no collective to represent your voice, like in Alberta, NWT, YT - the only three regions without a provincial/territorial lobbying voice, then you'll really want to document things well especially if it involves court and lawyers. If it is about roadways and other concerns, you can at least present your MLA with the information.

Every rider who experiences something of a discomforting nature should stand up and say something, do something, so that the others who come after you, might not have to experience the same thing.

If you aren't a member of your local riders rights coalition, consider becoming one.

Our voice counts be it as an individual taxpayer or in a collective with many voices united, but they only count when the person/s we are discussing our situation with can actually do something about it.

Whining and not taking the right actions do nothing to alleviate problems - so this summer, get a camera for your motorcycle or helmet, have a note pad and a pen in a tool pouch or jacket pocket and remember, the information you take down and share with the right people, will do some good, if not today, somewhere down the road.

That's what's on my mind today, what are your thoughts on the topic of the Power of the People?

Have a great day and if you are one of the lucky ones who is riding today, please remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and cannot see you.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Mark Wongstedt3:52 PM

    The obstacles put up to make our lives difficult need a cohesive voice to make a difference. We can get great numbers out to support all sorts of charities, I say its time to get great numbers out to protect ourselves. Our rights. Writing letters while useful, will only get you so far. We need to put boots on the ground in great numbers or suffer the consequences.

  2. I completely agree Mark. Power in numbers. Putting boots to the ground (or rubber on the road) is effective...very effective. But it only works in large, very large numbers, and you only get to put them on once to make your point. If you can't guarantee huge numbers (say at least 3000) then all you do is make the general public angry. Most of the large numbers you see and read about "grew" to that number doing something else...working in the background...getting stuff done...starting and growing change...all the time knowing the numbers were growing and they'd use boots someday. Then when it mattered, really mattered, they took to their boots.