Two more crashes mar the beginning of riding season, one in Regina, SK and one Barrie, ON.

The one in Barrie involved a single motorcycle and the rider had to be airlifted to Toronto.  The rider apparently lost control and went into the ditch from an off ramp.

The one in Regina involved a car and a motorcycle at an intersection. That rider went to the hospital with minor injuries and no other details are available at this time in either crash.

Our skills are rusty and we are all eager to ride after a harsh winter, but folks - extreme care has to be exercised. Drivers aren't looking for us, there are untold amounts of danger on the road like potholes from HE Double Hockey Sticks, cracks, ice, sand, gravel and people on their cell phones.

I too have been eager to get out there and have in fact been on my bike twice and while our roads here are in not too bad of shape, I had to use all of my defensive riding skills and be super aware because it was obvious that people weren't ready to see bikes and the roadways do have some terrible potholes.

I really do get the angst one feels, but please people, be hyper aware and be dressed for the slide not the ride.  If there was ever a time to be fully geared up, its now.

There are many wonderful motorcycle awareness videos being circulated in the riding community and it is my hope that people are sharing them with the non rider, just sharing in the riding community is not going to impact awareness much.

The Sturgis North Lawsuit - an Update

Now onto a little bit of personal information regarding the Sturgis North, Ray Sasseville, Joan Hansen lawsuit...I read the draft of the response my attorney is sending to the above mentioned parties and while I cannot divulge the information as of yet, I will tell you that I am absolutely thrilled with my lawyer's response.

I am looking forward to actually meeting him in May when I head out to the BC Lone Wolves Show "n" Shine!  I also need to give Steve Hammer from the Summer Stomp a great big hug for agreeing to share his attorney with me because this man knows his stuff and pulls no punches - I like that!

I like that a lot!

I am truly looking forward to sharing that letter with you all when the time is right, because it does put everything into clear perspective!

I am preparing for the long haul on this and raising as much money as I can so that I can afford each lawyers bill as it come in.  If I end up raising more money than I need, I have decided that I will be donating the excess to charity.

Here are the ideas I have been kicking around...

1 - there is a little girl in Edmonton with a rare form of cancer who needs alternative therapy
2 - my good friend Doug Jenson needs an electric hospital bed as Lou Gehrig's has him deteriorating rapidly
3 - start a fund to help some of the creditors that were left behind by the parties who are suing me
4 - put the money into a park or some other service/equipment that is needed in Salmon Arm

For Ali, whose bike was just sold to build up my defense fund, I intend to help pay for her and Gator's cruise next year - their first real holiday in almost 8 years.

The need to continue raising funds, to be prepared to meet my accusers in court is vital, I cannot stop working at raising funds. But if I raise more than I need to pay the lawyer and research assistant, I want to take that money and do some good with it.

I welcome your input, after all, it is you who have been helping and supporting me.
It is your money and I feel you should have a say of where the excess, if any remains, goes.

Here are the links to the two tee shirts we are currently selling to raise some funds with:

I am going to sign off by sharing this quote that was sent to my by my friend Ian on Facebook...

Wise words for anyone facing a challenge...thanks Ian!

Have a fabulous hump day and if you are blessed enough to be riding today, please remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and cannot see you and please, consider dressing for the slide, not the ride.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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