What a frustrating time this has been.

I had a computer built last year. The tech who built it no longer works at the shop I deal with - lucky him or I'd strangle him.

The first problem was the thing had 5 new dvd burners in one year. I kept telling him it seemed to run hot.

The next thing, I loose the video card, then the hard drive....seems he put in the wrong power supply and yah, it was slowly frying it's almost brand new again and I am just getting it back. Hopefully in a day or so I will have e-mailing capability beyond the telus server, which just lost 48 e-mails on me and they are trying to see if they can recover them.

So....if you emailed me and I haven't responded - I'm not being a jerk....I love my computer, I love my computer....mutter and grumble....

PLEASE - if you have e-mail questions or event them!!!!!

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