Well as much of a challenge as this year's bike show has been to get put on it is all finally coming together.

I hope you all get a chance to read this weeks paper - if you are a member you should have the link today if you aren't you can read it next week.

We are in the final throws of re-negotiation with the Town of Olds. And things appear to be headed in the right direction.

Our job as riders is a continual one - educating people about the motorcycle community. Every time this show moves to a new town we have to educate people that we riders are not out to destroy the town we are in. The old 60's image that the mainstream media won't let die is to blame partly - we were stereotyped as a community, shaking off that stereotype - there's the challenge.

This riding season, no matter what event you go to - please - remember the volunteers who work so hard and often face many obstacles with the police services and town bureaucracies - don't be a cowboy - be respectful with your throttle hand and remember - if we as a community want to have these events to attend then we have to protect them by not doing dumb and thoughtless things like stunting or drunk riding.

We have an opportunity with every event we attend to sway public opinion and help people to understand that motorcycle riders are people first.

Just my 2 bits worth....

Have a great day.

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