I have been doing data entry until I think my arms are going to fall off!
The good news is the phone book is progressing really well. The Alberta section is almost complete, Marg is working on BC and when I complete Alberta in the next day or so I will start on Saskatchewan. One by one we are going to get everything we know about into this thing and then....we''ll open it up to you our subscribers to add to it what you know about. If every rider checked to see if we knew about their favorite bar or shop, well we'd have a hell of a phone book!

The new events calenders are wonderful! It's taking a lot of time to transfer over the information from our old calendars but - when it's done it will be a tool that will make your life and mine a whole lot easier!

Check in often because Ali and are are fixing, tweaking, adding and updating stuff daily!

Stay safe and be smart out there.

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