Although it was only a small ride, about 30 was exactly what this girl needed.

Spring has finally started showing us that it still exists and the snow is slowly receding. The roads are treacherous, lots of pea gravel and sand. The drivers of the cars and trucks I pulled up beside were all smiling - I wonder if the dumb assed grin that was on my face was responsible?

When I rode past Timmy's there were at least 30 bikes in the parking lot, everyone sharing the happiness of being out I am sure and probably having hot coffee to warm them up - it was a bit chilly, but nonetheless a wonderful experience - being back on the road!

This coming week's paper is filled with some incredible stories and 4 pages of Ontario's events. Now that we have blanketed the country for the events calendars once and have gotten the corrections in for AB and BC's events along with a couple for Saskatchewan, well - we can start all over printing them one more time for you before the bulk of riding season gets under way.

It's a wonderful, demanding job I have chosen and one that thoroughly fills my heart.
I enjoy helping other people be it to promote their events or clubs or to help a fellow rider hook up with the information they need to enjoy their riding season more.

I hope you'll join us over on - there is always a lot going on over there!

We are running three contests right now...the McCool's Street Bar & Grill Logo Contest, The Slack Alice's "My motorcycle moves my soul" contest and the Great Canadian Day Rides Contest.

Come join us for your chance to win some fabulous prizes and get hooked up with the most extensive calendars for the Canadian Motorcycle Riding Season of 2009!

I'm going to sign off for now...

Ride like they are blind and out to get you, because they are!

Belt Drive Betty

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