Well, other than I am waiting for one article to come in, this coming week's paper is done and she is a beaut!

Just shy of 4 pages of events for Ontario, all kinds of stories, some great jokes and the best thing of it all? I am done in time to catch some of this fine Sunday and go take my girl for a spin.

Yahoo, spring is finally springing here in the North Peace Region of Alberta and I can now get out on the road, even if it is only around town for a brain clearer. No more putting up with my "Friends" ahem, not mentioning any names but GATOR, teasing me about the riding on the Island, or tormenting me like my sisters in Ontario - the Chrome Divas do with their articles about riding to motorcycle shows...I get to ride too!

Event corrections and cancellations have been coming in so watch the on line calendars for up dates - we'll print the runs pages again really soon!

Anyway gang, sorry to cut this short but I have a date with this really good looking black beast...all 96"

Ride like they are blind and can't see you...

Belt Drive Betty

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