Wow, I am deeply appreciative again today for another donation to our cause. Joe out on Vancouver Island - thank you!

If you feel like helping us out during this economic crunch, both Ali and I would deeply appreciate it...

We give you an 80 page book of the jokes and thoughts to ponder from the 2005 and 2006 Busted Knuckle Chronicles Newspaper as our way of saying thanks!
Every donation is a vote of confidence for us to keep going be it $1 or more - we are so deeply grateful that you support and believe in what we do here!

You know gang, Ali and I have been doing our best to create a place, a clearinghouse of information where you can find what you need. We have listened to you all and implemented the tools and resources you have told us you want. And we are far from done.

The newest "Tool" to come down the pipes is our new events calendars.

As you may know, the old calendar system we had and loved is no longer supported by the company that created it as they are bankrupt. We tried four or five others and they stunk!
They we unfriendly to use and so limited in their abilities compared to what we were used to.

The new calendar system we just purchased cost $130 Euros - Not sure until I look at my Pay Pal account how much Canadian that is but it's enough and there is a yearly fee to keep getting updates and security patches, but folks, I think you will agree that it was a wise use of the donated money we have gotten so far!

This new calendar is even MORE powerful that the old ones.
You don't have to be a member on our site to use the calendar. It has a very secure captcha system - one of the reasons we always required membership in the past and had everything locked down so tight in the past was spammers - so as long as we do not have any get through the security this system offers - we are going to be able to lighten up on some of the requirements!

With this calendar:
  • You can email events to your friends.

YOU can even generate your own news feeds and newsletter based on the events YOU are interested in.

You HAVE to come to the web site and check it out! I am stoked at the effectiveness and the EASE!

We have begun the process of adding events to the calendars but would sure appreciate you event coordinators getting on board to help out, We want these calendars as good to go as possible for the January Bike Shows and also so that people can start booking time off from work for their holidays.

There are 1,400 plus Motorcycle events in this country and only Ali and I to do data entry - ANY help we can get - ANY Help at all is deeply appreciated!

In the news today is an article on the BMW S 1000 RR-it is a review by Kevin Ash.
Now many of you know that Mr. Ash ( can get a wee bit down on the manufacturers but read what he has to say this time - BMW surprised even him!

I, some-days, am glad in am hitting the wall of 50 and learning a few things in life and yet, there are times when I wished that I was 20 or even thirty years younger...
After reading about and seeing this next bike - I wished I was in my fearless twenties again cause this is a sportbike I would love to climb on....

Maybe it's the photo, maybe it's the writing - or a combination of both, but something tells me I should be really grateful to be hitting 50 and have a few years between me and fearlessness...320 km/h and accelerates from rest to 300 km/h in just 13.9 seconds.

The police need some assistance traking down drivers who fled the scene at two different accidents: one in BC and one in ON - if you have any knowledge - please help!
If you are fortunate enough to live where you can ride - PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you.

Belt Drive Betty
National VP A.I.M.Can

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