The day of celebration we call Christmas is over for another year. The mobs of people shopping the boxing day sales have hopefully found what they were looking for - the things they didn't get as presents but I am hoping you found something else.

Presents, gadgets - they are all just things. They wear out, the get broken.

I am hoping you found the spirit of Christmas in your heart.

There are some heart warming stories that came out over Christmas - like the gang of people in Kelowna BC giving away free hugs in memory of their friend, Wayne Cobb, who died last year in a motorcycle accident.

And the story out of the States where in a young Utah man who had not been able to go to his parents home because of a life altering collision on his motorcycle that sees him wheelchair bound, and was helped out by Santa's Subcontractors....he can now visit his mom and dad!

The biggest, the BEST gift that anyone can give or receive is LOVE.

I have friends who have very little in the way of possessions but they are wealthier than many because they have each other and know that no matter what, Love will see then through.

I hope you found it...

On the personal front, I spent some time with my motorcycle.
No - with all of the snow on the ground I did not get to ride.

I got out a heater with a good fan, put on some shades, threw my feet up on the highway pegs, turned on the stereo, leaned back against the back rest and relived the miles of riding I put on this summer. I remembered the rain, the sun, the smells (its amazing when you use your imagination and power of recall just how vivid those memories are.)

I remembered the faces and smiles of the people I met, the sorrow of loosing my brother to Cancer, the magnificence of the ocean, the rock faces, the trees, the wildlife I saw and as sad as I was, I found that freedom, that happiness again. It is amazing the power of your imagination - for a brief moment I was transported back to simpler days where it was just me and my machine and the elements...that is until my husband walked in and caught me pretending again!

I have it bad...PMS that is - Parked Motorcycle Syndrome and I am truly looking forward to our Beat the PMS Blues On Line Show 'n' Shine that kicks off on Saturday.
I can not wait to see everyone's rides, the modifications and personalizations.

We have some incredible prizes too.
Everything from leather goods and meals to event tickets and hotel stays.

Our two really big prizes this year are:
A Doran 360M Tire Pressure Monitoring System for the Best Touring Machine be it a Metric or American Touring bike and for the people's choice - the bike with the Over all most votes - a Drift High Definition Video Camera from Drift Camera Canada.

All of the prizes we are offer are transferable so if you win something you can't use you can ask that it be shipped or transferred to a friend or family member.

I hope you have your pictures chosen!

Well folks, I have a busy day ahead. Time to get after it and git er done!

Have a day filled with thoughts of motorcycles and freedom, open roads and twisties - I know mine will be...Please if you are attending parties, plan your way home in advance!
If you are driving home from Christmas feasts and visits please take care on the roads and cherish those you love the way you cherish your motorcycle.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Handsome Dave12:01 PM well-written, Rene. Thanks. I'm gonna go look at my bike and let my mind recall the past season. Actually, I usually get melancholic this time of year...but it's all good and all okay.