How do you move and streamline 500,000 pages of content on a web site? SLOWLY...

Seriously that is the task that Ali our wonderful web mistress and her small part time team are doing right now.

When we started out to be a clearinghouse of information, we didn't really think our categories and sections so well - at least we know that now, at the time they made sense though.  So beyond moving content over from the old web host, we have also been cleaning things up - putting them in categories that make better sense
 - hence all of the brand specific news is sectioned out by the major players - we also have first ride reports from motorcycle writers from around the world - Ali will be getting that part of the project up in the next day.

On top of major undertakings like these is fixing all of the little hiccups, like our review modules not showing up in the phone book online...yah - some tiny - minute piece of code broke or fell out and she is facing some challenges.  All in all though I am pleased with the progress - it is my hope that sooner than later we will have all of our content restructured and all of our components working like a well oiled machine.

There is not a lot in the news feeds as of yet today, but keep checking back to see what our new, news feeds component comes up with - that's another tool for us to use that needs some tweaking but I am sure we will figure it out!  In the mean time, have you voted for your favourite bike in the show n shine????

Tell me, which bike IS your favourite?  And Why...

Have a Happy Monday!!!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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