How do you carve a career out for yourself in the motorcycle industry when your name is Zach Ness and your iconic grand father is Arlen Ness and your dad is Cory Ness?  You do something that no one else in the family has done!

When young Zach was challenged by Victory to take their new Judge and do something radical with it he was all over it!  The only rule he was given to follow was to keep the headlight  and the tank, the rest was WIDE open for his to do a no hold barred custom...

The Ness Cafe Photo from MCN (

The young man did really good - this bike is truly the BEST looking Victory I have ever seen and could easily be put into production to compete with the XR1200 from H-D.

What do you think? Should Victory put these into production?

I'd LOVE to hear your thoughts on this!

In other news:

In Ontario: Lou DeVouono and the Perfect Pigs MC are proud men these days, the Hero's Highway Ride, referred to as the HHR is everywhere in the media as this event has captured the heart and soul of MANY a rider! From humble beginnings this ride has swelled in size, last year saw over 2,400 riders show their gratitude and thanks to our Troops by riding in the pouring rain, it is estimated that if mother nature even remotely cooperates, this year's ride could well exceed 7,000!  Won't that be an impressive sight! I can't wait to ride in this terrific event again this June 2nd! That's right, I intend to take part again - it is one of the most emotional and soul moving events I have ever been a part of!

In Switzerland: A member of the Hells Angels in Zurich won his appeal for compensation.
He won about 27,000 Franks instead of the original 8,000 he was award after the federal prosecutors case against the club as a criminal organization fell apart.

On the gear side of things - according to OneWheelDrive, Touratech has come out with a new Adventure Riding Catalogue that will blow minds with it's size!

In the Brands corner, Ducati is pleased with their all new GP12, and in sports, Aprilia announces it's 2012 WSBK team

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Have a fabulous Thursday, hope you enjoyed this weeks National Newspaper, The Busted Knuckle Chronicles, it has some GREAT stories in it!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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