Big companies like Harley-Davidson use crowd sourcing for their commercial ideas and there are a ton of crowd funding opportunities for non profits and community based fundraisers, but there have not been many platforms for small business to gain extra funding, or exposure to people who might be able to help their small business grow.

Community Futures is where I got my funding for my business.
They offer a ton of mentoring and services that one can access even if you do not get funded by them.

They offer all sorts of services like business plan writing, grant writing and have courses you can take on marketing and other aspects of being in business.

Here in Grande Prairie we have a great team that is headed up by Holly Sorgen and their help and support not to mention the training and support they have provided to my business have been invaluable.

Recently I was sent an information packet on Alberta BoostR. It's a brand new Crow Funding platform for small business and it is a joint effort of the Chambers of Commerce of Alberta, Community Futures and Alberta Treasury Branch.

Since I would like to upgrade the video cameras I have to use for our upcoming TV show "Ride Like a Local" I decided to give the platform a try.

The team of gals running the AlbertaBoostr site offer great support to help you set up your campaign - they have an interview over the phone with you. They discuss your funding needs and write a "story" for you about what you are doing and why you would like support.

They help you decide what perks you are going to offer to the people who "Boost" your business with a donation and they provide you with tools to promote and generally just hold your hand through the process.

They also along with ATB Financial, the Chamber of Commerce and Community Futures tweet and Facebook about your campaign and do what they can to draw attention to your small business.

Even though it's brand new - the platform is already gaining some traction for 3 small business in Grande Prairie (we here in GP are the first city that AlbertaBoostR is being rolled out in.)

The platform has one limitation - if you do not raise ALL of the funds you are asking for - you don't get any of the funds. The people who pledge to donate do not get charged and you don't send out any perks.

That said, it is another wonderful way to get exposure for your small business - even if you end up not getting the funding you were hoping for.

I dove in head first - and with the help of Chett, Tina and Leah got my campaign decided on and built in about 2 and a half days from start to finish.

My campaign is for TV quality video cameras. I would like to get a new Sony - Journalist in a Backpack kit and 3 new Drift Ghost Cameras and the appropriate accessories for my bike.

We have a new TV series about Motorcycling in Canada starting later this summer on Eastlink TV.
It's community programming - there is no pay in it for me, but there will be phenomenal exposure for the the charities, the small businesses and yes, my business.

I currently have two Drift Stealths and one HD170 - as I said, they are decent quality but the technology available int he latest version is so superior.

Here is a link to my AlbertaBoostR Campaign.  I would appreciate you considering our small business for a boost - we have some great perks to offer you in return...and if you are a fellow small business owner and need some support - why not give AlbertaBoostR a try - what have you got to loose?
The platform is going to roll out across the province very soon.


I appreciate your taking the time to look at my campaign and am looking forward to purchasing the cameras that will help my business tell the stories of the Canadian motorcycle riding community.

In other news...

We have a columnist from Nova Scotia named Medric "Cous" Cousineau.  He is also known as SeaDawg the Magic Man.

Medric has suffered from PTSD for over 25 years as a result of his service to our country.
He will be walking with his service dog Thai - from Eastern Passage NS to Ottawa raising funds for 50 dogs in 50 days for 50 veterans.

His message?  Service Dogs work better than drug therapy in the treatment of PTSD so why won't Ottawa consider funding them?  Why do veterans have to pay for their service dogs with no support from the government? Drugs are covered - why not service dogs?

Medric and his service dog Thai are being featured in a documentary called "Working Dogs" that will air on Eastlink TV on May 5th.

Visit Medric's site to find out more about his mission:

Join his Facebook page - - to show him support and when the time comes - please consider opening your wallet to support his walk to Ottawa and or his mission of raising the funds for 50 dogs for 50 vets.

My National Conga called "Bikers United in Remembrance" will be donating 25% of the money we raise to support Medric and Thai in their quest - and there is a fundraiser called the Hillbilly Scavenger Hunt - held in to the Toronto area that will be supporting Medric and Thai in their quest to see other veterans get the supports they need to reclaim their lives.

There are two requests for support on this page - if you can only help out with one cause - then please

Have a great day everyone - I leave you with a few funnies, shared with me by friends on Facebook and via email...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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