Many of you know about the heartbreak I have experienced over a paint job gone wrong.

After picking up my tins and seeing the mess they were, I became paralyzed.  I was stuck in the most awful mental loop.  One minute angry, one minute sad – the next fearful about the extra expense this could cost me, just before this big trip.  

After trying several body shops, only to be told Mid May – June before I could get in – well, I had run out of ideas – the only thing I could think of was to slap some stickers with the name of the paint shop on it and ride it…

YUCK – but – I didn’t see anything else I could do.

When I threw the idea out there on my Facebook community – I got some responses back like – let it go – don’t humiliate the shop further etc…when I explained that I had 10 days before I start filming and needed my bike together and asked people for ideas and was not wishing to be vindictive - that wasn't my motivation at all – well man the ideas came back hot and heavy!

1 idea was having the tanks and saddlebags sprayed with box liner for a rat rod look. 
Another involved me spray bombing everything in camouflage.
Yet another suggested flat black spray bomb for tanks and bags.
I was told about plastic kote and hydro painting and then Terry Rae suggested powder coating.
Jeff from Kreater Kustoms recommended talking to my local dealer to see if they had any take offs…

I got offers from painters as far away as Ontario and all sorts of support.

Talking to the people in our community who have had bad experiences and others who work in the industry made all the difference.  The ideas and offers of help were utterly amazing.

Because of all of the wonderful ideas, my tanks are being powder coated by Lee’s Sheet Metal & Powder Coating.
Apparently because my tanks have been empty for so long, there is no risk of fire etc. so one hurdle down as I can have them back on Friday!

While driving into Grande Prairie I saw the guys from Chaotic Customs outside – they hadn’t called me back yet. I wheeled in and talked to Mark and I was in luck – they are spraying gloss black paint today and can have my tins back to me by Friday. WOW.

Some creative thinking and a little bit of luck made a horrible situation so much better – is it ideal?

Is it what I wanted, No.

But at least I don’t have to stare at a reminder of a really bad experience every day I am on the road and I don’t have to feel bad about how my bike will look on camera either.

I’ll be able to hold my head up and that is all thanks to the people who helped me get my brain un stuck and out of that awful place it was – in neutral  - with not an idea of how to resolve this.

If you ever find yourself in a position where you are stuck on how to turn a bad situation around – ASK.

Ask everyone you can, you just never know who or what is going to be the answer you seek…

Thank you riding community – you saved my peace of mind, warmed my heart and helped me to not look like a vindictive bitch, cause really – that is not who I am and I really did not want to have to look at that paint job every day for 91 days on the road.

With much gratitude to all who pitched in with ideas…

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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