I can't believe the response to the idea of having a phone book for bikers!

We only put up the survey two days ago, but the response has been amazing!
100% have responded that they want a phone book that includes riding club information and ride nights.
70% want a Bikers at Work section - for sales people and small businesses owners who ride.
80% have said they want a book that is 5 1/4" x 8 1/4"
100% have responded that they want their phone book mailed to them.

A phone book, just dedicated to Canadian Motorcycle, Motorcycle Related and Motorcycle Friendly Businesses seems to be something you, the readers want so....

Wanted - 3 or 4 people who don't mind doing sales calls.

Tools required:
Phone - with a good phone plan
Fax machine

Time Commitment Required:
3 to 4 hours a week for 3 months

We pay 11% commission for all finished ad copy

I you are looking for a great way to add a few bucks to the bike fund this might be it.
Drop me a line at or phone me at 877-402-8892

Our goal is to print the first phone book for October 2007 - with the help of three or four people, we can meet that goal!

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