They are coming in hard and heavy now...check out our event calendars regularly as we are updating every day right now!

I'm trying to get as much done as possible before I hit the road on the 2nd of January.
I hope to see 2008 be the best riding year yet!

On our Youtube channel I have some new playlists.
I found the videos on sport bikes rather intresting - I can see the love ofthe power and control of the machine and when stunts goright they are a thing of beauty but when they go wrong....ouch is all I can say.

I do have a real issue with the numbers of riders in these videos with little or no safety gear on and riding like stunt riders on the highway...not overly smart, rather dangerous and quite frankly not good for the average some cases I can see why non motorcyclists don't like us much. Most of the people involved appear to be young and think themselves as invincible.

Anyway, I best get back to the events calendars, there is much data entry to do and I have a boss that won't let me rest! LOL

Stay safe out there....


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