Lots of new features and changes coming to the site.....

I know it's rather long winded but I have a letter I wrote that explains what we do and some of those changes I mentioned......

An open letter to all motorcyclists and riding clubs in Canada:

I wish to invite every riding club to share and network with other Canadian communities.

Belt Drive Betty dot Com is your place, a place to tell the rest of Canada and the world what is happening in your community. We are a Biker/Riders version of the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Department all rolled in to one.
All makes, all models, all affiliations and all disciplines – if it’s about 2 wheels or three - I invite you to join our site- it’s FREE.

Help other riders find out more about your club or group, make sure your club’s link is listed in our riding clubs link section – add your information to our events calendars – if you are a member, you can add your club’s information and get it out to the 50 – 70,000 riders that turn to our site every month to find the information they are looking for.

By sharing when your ride nights and meetings are, your rallies and poker runs, your competition events and swaps etc not only do you give your club and local charities some extra exposure but you help riders who are going to be travelling to or through your community this riding season and you also help those who are re locating.

Our events calendars are very powerful tools. There are 17 calendars, one for each province and territory, a national events calendar (for rides and events that take place right across this great country) and the all calendars view which pulls events happening in the next 2 days from across the country for a quick update. The other 2 calendars are: one for our membership to share birthdays and anniversaries the other is for my riding season.

They are highly sort able and search able and when you find the event you are looking for you can email the information to your friends’ right from the calendar! Take them for a test spin….they truly are amazing.

If you want, we can even make you a customized calendar link for your site that just pulls the type of events that your riding club is interested in, save your web pages for the other vital information that riders need to know about your club – we can make you your own calendar and we host if for you.
Remember all of our information leads other riders right to your web site if you have one!

Share your areas favorite day rides in our Great Canadian Day Rides section so that riders coming through can experience what it is you love about your area!

And don’t forget to add your community’s rider friendly businesses to our on line phone book: Belt Drive Betty’s Little Black Book. Part of making a rider want to come your way is letting them know where they can eat, sleep and shop when they come to your town. Available on line, this phone book will be coming out in print in April, just in time for the riding season so get your copy ordered for your saddlebags!

To help you share the stories of your community and to tempt others to come visit, submit your stories to the Busted Knuckle Chronicles weekly Rider Community Newspaper.

Celebrate your fabulous volunteers, your great group and regional events. Tell your road stories or tempt us with stories about your favorite shop, painter, tattooist, restaurant, campground or pub. We accept submissions from anywhere in Canada!

Help make another rider’s riding season phenomenal and a wee bit safer by joining our site and sharing – it’s free and it’s all Canadian!

Subscribe to our Canadian community newspaper – The Busted Knuckle Chronicles and get free classified ads as a bonus! – It’s only $5.25 until February 15th after that it goes up to $10.50 per year.

Get yourself listed as a rider willing to help out other riders when they break down on our newest information site: – it too is free!

International visitors are also invited to join our sites and use the tools we provide as a Canadian Riding Community to find the tourism and relocation information you need. Because we are an information clearing house that features information about what’s happening in Canada we do not accept submissions about international events nor do we accept information on international businesses. Instead, we choose to leave that job to those who already do it so well. You may share some of that kind of information in our forums or by submitting a banner or link should you wish to in our links and banner exchange area.

And now for the really big news!
Belt Drive Betty dot Com is going mobile!

That’s right, will be going live in the upcoming weeks!

If you use a Blackberry, Palm Pilot, Smart Phone or have a cell capable of surfing the net, you will be able to access all of the information on our web site right from your phone! The phone book, the events calendars and all of the vital info you as a rider need – delivered right to your phone!

Riders helping riders: that’s what we do here at Belt Drive Betty dot Com
Come and share with us!

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