It has been an interesting year so far!

From having zero help save Ali, I now have Arlene in Lumby BC updating the event calendars for me (I do as well, but she does the lions share), I have Carmel in Sherwood Park selling advertising and Kim here in Grande Prairie who has taken over the managing of subscribers for me. WyzWmn does our daily puzzles and comes up with great contest ideas.

A number of riding clubs see the value in promoting their chapters and clubs by submitting stories. A number of riders contribute to our information regularly.

If you'd like to get involved in our web sites or the community newspaper, get in touch - we'd love to grow this thing to provide information from right across the country.

If you don't see your riding style, your community or your passions reflected in the paper or on our web sites it's not because we don't want to carry it - it's because no one from your neck of the woods is getting involved - you could be the first!

On the riding front - well I got out for a bit the other night and am getting ready for a month on the road. I am so happy and grateful to be getting out there - I can't wait!

I hope to see a number of you at Toad Rock, if not there perhaps at Horsethief Hide Out...I am really looking forward to my time on the island....and in Smithers....ah the open road - yea haw!

No matter where you are, what event you are attending - stay safe out there....  


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