It can be a tough job doing a weekly newspaper. I need a proof reader!

Anyway, beyond the three type O's I found today when reading the paper I realized that in the article on our Toy Run I missed thanking Windsor RV our Suzuki dealer and I got news last night that the local Harley shop donated about $1,200 in toys.

I never want to miss giving people a plug for helping out. A simple thank you that is heartfelt and sincere is always appreciated - I know that.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart - Janet and the gang at Windsor RV - your unfailing support of this community is appreciated....Shawn and the gang at the Harley shop - again - thank you...because of people like you there's a whole bunch of kids that will have a brighter day on December 25th.

Ride safe out there please people....

Belt Drive Betty

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