There must be something wrong with Mother Nature!
She gave us a fabulous weekend and when you consider on Monday we had 4 inches of the fluffy white stuff...see what I mean...somethings wrong but OH SO RIGHT!

My baby is getting a bath today - she sure needs and deserves it and then I am going for another wonderful ride.

Yesterday I rode out to Bezanson, TeePee Creek and Sexsmith with a group I have never ridden with before. One gent on a VMax was riding like a jackass and I was so impressed with the others I was riding with, Mark and Andrew chewed this guy a new one and told him he didn't deserve to hold a motorcycle license! He was told to leave the group and NEVER think about riding with us. He was also told if he was seen riding like that by any of us the he'd wished he hadn't been! Hooray!(Yes I also had a few choice words for this 40 something show off maniac, but I can't repeat them here)

Like I said - I was pretty proud of these riders for being the real McCoy - they just love to ride and don't want jerks destroying it!

On another note, Grande Prairie is adopting a 91 decibel sound restriction - they are going to be targeting - YES motorcycles but also diesel trucks, so it might be a good time to learn some respect with that throttle hand...
Oh and another thing being adopted here - a 45" restriction on headlights so all of those lift kits on the 4 x 4's around here are going to have to be removed!

It is too beautiful of a day to sit here in front of a computer - my baby awaits and so does the wash bucket!

Ride like everyone around you is blind and ride with respect...stay safe

Belt Drive Betty

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