I left home Wednesday morning and while it was windy the first few hundred kilometers were very pleasant - until I got to Whitecourt.

A storm from the Rocky Mountain House region had blown in and the winds were gusting wildly - at times it felt as if the front end of my bike was coming of the pavement. The rain felt like tattoo needles on your face. Ah, the first major ride of the season when your hide and your butt are not yet seasoned up!

I got in to St Albert and stayed with my good friends Kat & Glenn. Yesterday, Kat rode with me as far as Vermillion. The first few hours while cool (we left St Albert as 7:30 am) were wonderful!

The winds picked up around Lloydminister and I was riding leaning right most of the way to Moose Jaw. 850 kilometers - not a bad day of riding at all!
I enjoyed my ride so very much.

I am now in my motel room in Moose Jaw after having dinner with our printer Fraser and his wife Judy. I am working on the upcoming issue of The Busted Knuckle Chronicles and checking emails. In the morning I head in to Estevan, a couple of hours from here. I am really looking forward to this event.

No matter which event you attend this weekend - PLEASE - ride like everyone around you is blind and be respectful with that right hand.

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. Thanks for the road report...did you take any pictures? would be nice to see some...ride careful...sounds like you're having fun Sista...!
    Keep well