If you read the news feeds on on the Busted Knuckle News Page you will see that some low life or low life's have stolen somewhere around $22,000 from the Ride for Dad.

I know that times have been tough but really - stealing from a charity that helps so many people???

It sickens me and I hope the creep/s get caught.

In other news I am having to rearrange my riding schedule as hubby has taken a turn for the worst. Mike "Ironbutt" Bergeron, our Southern Alberta Rep will be taking my place at the Calgary Ride for Dad, Barry "Ladyslayer" Koenig our Central Alberta Rep will work the Ride for Sight in Olds along with Mike for me.

Barry will also be doing the OCC Chopper ride in Edmonton on Monday at Alberta Cycle for me after he gets back from the Border Rally in Lloydminister this weekend.

I will still be at the Redwater Ride for Hunger but heading home immediately after.

It is not often that my husband asks for help or admits that he needs it so I am going home - family first.

The rest of my riding season will depend on what the neurologist at the U of A tells us on Wednesday. It's a waiting game now and we'll just have to wait for some test results.

I know after spending time with Mike, he'll do a great job with ad sales and event coverage so I am leaving here with things in good hands.

If you are riding today, please ride like everyone around you is blind and please use respect with your throttle hand.

Belt Drive Betty

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  1. I'm sorry to hear all the bad news...hope Hubby gets better soon
    take care girl