While BC has just implemented the toughest drinking driving laws in Canada - it appears that the  BC court system wasn't involved in that decision making process.

You see, there is a shortage of judges, cases are so backed up that a police officer in North Delta got off of drunk driving charges because of too many delays.
The right to a speedy trial being the argument.

So tell me something folks - is it me or is there something fundamentally wrong with this picture?  The entire food and beverage industry in BC has just been decimated by this new .05 rule, where in your vehicle is impounded and you face a 72 hour suspension and in total it is going to cost you somewhere around $5K to insure your vehicle AND get your steering papers back ....and yet drunk drivers are seeing their charges stayed because of court delays?  Is the there some kind of time delay for those who are killed by drunk drivers or whose property is destroyed?

Seriously - is there anything right with this system?
I guess this is why they are opting for road side justice in BC and giving the RCMP such sweeping powers - their court system is broken.

If you read the entire article that is linked in the first paragraph you will also see that cocaine traffickers are getting off on their charges for the same reason....court delays.

Folks is there such a thing as a Mike Holmes for broken political and judicial systems?
If there is - we need to find that person and get them in to rip, tear and pull hair and "Make it RIGHT" cause this travesty of justice...this HAS to stop.

That's my two bits on the subject...what are your thoughts? I would love you to wade in on this in my  blog, in the forums on or on Face Book!

In other news:
In Alberta a rider was killed by Cochrane

In Ontario the OPP claim that the Outlawa MC is rebuilding near Peterborough

The Welland MC Club held their big year end banquet

Husqvarna has a new concept bike on the show block that will make your head turn...

If you are riding today, you luck dog...PLEASE ride safe, and put on an extra few for me K cause - yah this sucks being without my ride, it sucks harder than you know.....

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