The International Master Bike Builders Association (IMBBA) has accepted the Busted Knuckle Chronicles as a Sponsor for Canada and the International arm leading up to the world Championship which will be held in Laval QC in 2012. (IMMBA International Site   IMBBA Canadian Site and the Event information page for Canada)

It is exciting - I get to work with people in the motorcycle industry that I respect and admire.

MJ Reynolds will be supplying articles for us on the different builders from around the world who are committed to competing at the 2012 event!

Yes - it is exciting and rewarding to be able to be involved in seeing our aftermarket shops starting to have their own Quality assurance seal. We had tried to do that here in Canada about 6 years ago with CADA but we could not get enough builders or repair shops to see the merit at the time. Perhaps now that the consumers faith in the little guy needs some bolstering the builders and repair shops will get their buts on board with a program that is meant to lend credibility for quality workmanship.

This year there are two new motorcycles in BC - both the same weekend - One in Merritt and the other in Salmon Arm. The good news is - they are close enough together that if you are in the area attending both is not out of the question.

The Merritt Event - the Great Canadian Bike Rally is supporting some great kid's charities
and the Sturgis North event is in someways an evolution of the Salmon Arm Summer Stomp with a music festival and vending experience being incorporated in the town of Salmon Arm.

The one thing about hosting out door events and working with bikers - you lot are last minute people - if it rains one direction you are looking for something to do elsewhere.

Getting you to pre book is like pulling teeth unless there is some HUGE advantage to doing so - you have 30 year mortgages on your homes and 5 year loans on your vehicles and bikes, and a 3 year cell phone contract but you are afraid of commitment when it comes to choosing events, entering contests doing pretty much anything else - I know, I been working with you in one capacity or another for over 30 years and the last 7 have been real eye openers!

The other challenge that event coordinators face - weather - both venues are blessed to be in good weather belts but we all know mother nature is female...

It is beginning to look like my Motorcycle Awareness Conga this year will leave from Merritt and head for Cape Breton and the Thunder in the Highlands...

That's right folks - we are planning on doing it again....July16th 2011 to August 15th 2011
Riding across Canada on an awareness campaign to remind motorists to share the road with us and to raise money for the CMTA's Injured Riders Fund. Remember - July is the month with the highest number of deaths and accidents hence why the RCMP an police services call it Motorcycle Road Safety Month.

The news feeds are pretty quiet today so I am going to take advantage and get back to work on our community phone book....

If you are riding today you luck dog...PLEASE ride safe.

Belt Drive Betty
Rider & Editor
The Busted Knuckle Chronicles

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