In St John's Newfoundland about 30 riders showed up at city hall to protest about noise by laws.
Their message was clear - WE AREN'T THE ONLY one's who make noise.

They are tired of having a few "Yahoos" making it bad for all riders and ask city council to make NOISE the issue and not motorcycles. Lawn mowers, sub woofers, brakes, semis, and many other things contribute to noise pollution...

In England they are getting ready to protest yet again, taking it to the freeways like they did over parking charges. This time the protest ride will focus on the same asinine laws that the French are protesting.

Mandatory ABS brakes, sensors that detect changes/modifications done to your bike without OEM parts among other items.  Some are asking if the 45 MPH protest rides will just pee off other motorists and perhaps the message will get lost. 
Perhaps - but when your government won't talk to you, won't listen - what else do you do?

In Kelowna BC, a young woman is on a mission to have the Highway Traffic Act changed on a national level.

Her father was killed by a left hand turning driver.
According to Ms Tomlinson:
18.3% of all motorcycle fatalities are caused by another vehicle turning left in front of a motorcycle that was going straight.

Tomlinson's dad was killed because a driver of a vehicle though, he saw the motorcycle coming, thought he had time to turn - had he waited three seconds to make his turn, Tomlinson's dad would still be alive today.

3 seconds - think about that... Tomlinson wants to see the law changed so that a $115 fine is not the only thing a driver receives when someone is injured or killed as a result of their unsafe actions.  

Interestingly enough, there is a Vulnerable Road Users meeting today - I am on that committee and have asked for the High Collision intersection signs designed by myself, but inspired by Daniel Ross in Nova Scotia - to be on the agenda.

I will also be meeting soon with the City Manager here in Grande Prairie to have a discussion about these signs being placed at specific intersections here as a test.

I look forward to bringing this issue of the petition up today as well.

Now not all of the protests that bikers are undertaking are quite as serious as the ones mentioned above.

If you need a great giggle to get your day started, I recommend that you read this exceedingly well done tongue in cheek article that a female pillion rider has written:
An open letter to motorcycle manufacturers from my labia

While the topic of comfort while riding is an important one, this young lady uses extreme humour to get her message across and I think she has done it well! I laughed my ass off reading her writing and then thought why hadn't I or a thousand women before me written the same letter?  Good on you Ashlee and your labia for asking the question and giving the manufacturers the answers too!

Like every day, I invite you to wade in on the topics that affect your life as a rider...
The more we share and discuss what is happening around the world, across the country and in our own back yards, the better off we all will be, an informed community becomes a strong and powerful community.

There is a ton of other news out there, check it our at

Until tomorrow...I beg you to please, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and PLEASE, use respect with that right hand, the person working night shift that you wake up could be a cop...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Anonymous5:13 AM

    no need to change laws...we need to change drivers in cages to understand the rules and laws of the road...they don't own it...there licence are for driving there fat asses around in hummers!!!!noise as nothing to do with driving rights..road laws are for is all attitude and safety...too many folks are just plain out-right lip servers...enough said lets pick on truckers!drag racers!!boeing jets that leave damaged ozone layers ripped open in the sky...shall i go on and on...biker and bikes are just happen to be a cheap and less of and impact mode of transportation and fun than anything else that good old mankind will ever invent to move us about....and beside we are the people...bikers are just tired of being to the law applying rulers...take a break it ain't criminal to ride with pride..L&R to all..