This past weekend I had a wedding to attend so I was unable to go to either Jasper 's Poker Run or Edson's Toy Run. It felt VERY strange not going and yet it was wonderful to spend time with my husband and our friends.

2 of the people who perished because a hatch did not close properly allowing the noxious fumes into the RV they were sleeping in, were a married couple with 8 month old twins.
Words escape me and my heart goes out to everyone involved.

Then there is the article on Alberta's "BIKER GANGS" are growing and flexing their muscle according to an article out of Edmonton..the pictures used by the Edmonton Sun are of one of the Warlocks.

I feel I have stood on this soap box long enough and really want to find a way to educate not only the police but the mainstream media to use correct terminology when they speak about our community but I am afraid...YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID! Especially stupid that is done on purpose and in many cases, the way the police services talk about our community IS done on purpose, to incite appears to be what they do best.

And then there is a heartwarming article from a Salvation Army in New Brunswick and it is proof positive that we bikers answer the call of duty and come through more often that not!  
In Chatham-Kent the Salvation Army has been hit really hard by the poor economy - the demands on the food bank has increased 130% . In fact, the demand was so great that here, in September they had already spent their $35,000 budget.  

According to the article in the Chatham Daily News:
"Eighty bikes and 110 riders from GWRRA, the Northern Cruisers and the CMC took part in the ride.
The participants collected enough non-perishable items from eight grocery stores through-out Chatham-Kent to fill a pick-up truck and nearly 10 skids on Saturday."

Congrats to all who rode and helped out, thank you to all who gave, every donation is a drop of water and see what happens when one can gets added to another - the spirit of giving, the absolute wonderment of prayers being does feel good - doesn't it! It does feel like Christmas in September....

In the business world, Harley is experiencing some major set backs to getting the Chinese to understand leisure riding.  
You see, the governments of some 100 Chinese cities have banned motorcycles. 

From Bloomeberg: About 100 cities in China, including Beijing and Shanghai, have restrictions that include banning two-wheel vehicles from elevated highways and major thoroughfares to curb noise and thefts, according to the state-affiliated Society of Automotive Engineers of China

So - to all those here in Canada and the USA who think that it is their inalienable right to see how many people they can upset with excessive and unwarranted this article and see what happens when government decides they have had enough of people like you.

The rest of you - see what happens when we do not stand united to protect our rights and freedoms...YAH - it is real and while it might involve a country that has enormous population compared to ours, look at the restrictions and oppression our community faces in different pockets of this country...think it can't happen here?... YOU AR RIGHT - IT CAN'T - as long as we care enough to work together, to protect this magnificent, wonderful and giving community that is the true biker community...that means teaching consideration,  policing our own and working towards laws that protect those who ride responsibly...

Otherwise, cars, SUV's and pick ups will be what we drive in the future - 365....

Man - I feel like I have been on a roller coaster today and the day has hardly begun!

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For those who need something to kick start their heart and get the blood pumping - check out this video in the Funny Stuff section of

I think it was put in Funny stuff because where else do you put it?  That is one WILD video.

I hope that all who are riding today will exercise some extra caution and vigilance - please, ride like everyone around is blind and can not see you! AND PLEASE, protect and preserve our lifestyle by using respect with that right hand...

Until tomorrow,

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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