An article out of Denver today caught my eye. It is about a look twice sign to be placed at intersections that are particulariyl bad for auto-motorcycle crashes.

Here in Grande Prairie AB, our city manager has agreed to host a test project of a similar sign. (Once the information is all put together the project will go to council and we hope, get their blessings!)

It is very rewarding to see what is happening in the US with 25 cities getting involved with the pilot project. The difference in the US? Well there - the Insurance Industry has backed/endorsed the program, here in Canada I was told they would not back any product! Oh well - we will get the signs up here in Grande Prairie next year with or without the blessings of the Insurance Industry.

And another article - this one from Motorbiker - about a study in the Netherlands that says that Daytime Running Lights on all autos will increase the visibility of motorcycles...I am with Motorbiker there - HOW did they come up with that conclusion?

Out of Ontario comes the news that the Sikh community wants the helmet law as an election item...

What part of infringing on the rights of taxpayers don't these people get. Yes I understand the religious aspect of their "fight" but I also know that your charter rights stop when mine are infringed unless they are going to carry extra medical insurance so that when they have a crash with a head injury our taxes are not being used for their care then I say wear a helmet.

After a small hiccup with my blog yesterday it appears we are back on track...I hope you will check in to our web site: to get caught up on all of the news that could affect your day!

I am up to my arse in work as usual so I will sign off wishing you a wonderful day and ask you to PLEASE, ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and to please, use respect with that right hand to protect our lifestyle...

Until tomorrow...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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