In Western Nevada County, California, there is a gated community called Lake Wildwood that has had a ban on motorcycles for 40 years. The ban was originally put in place because of dirt bikes that roamed the empty lots before the community was fully developed.

People who own motorcycles there are not allowed to keep them in their garage but instead have to park their machines in a paved lot next to the entrance to the community.

The bikers who live in this community, bought their homes with the understanding that there was a ban on motorcycles, but also that there was a process in place to allow for proposed changes to the rules and regulations.

However, the Home Owners Association in this community of 3,000 homes (one of 2 communities in California that has a ban on motorcycles) is unwilling to negotiate.

The problems that these bike owners have is that their bikes are quieter than the diesel trucks that are allowed in the community and the fact that their motorcycles are subjected to the elements and vandalism.

They are asking the Home Owners Association to allow bikes in to the community on a biker per bike case - but even that request has fallen on deaf ears. The motorcyclists have asked for binding arbitration to see if some sort of happy medium can be reached. If that doesn't work, a civil lawsuit will be the next step.

Here is the riders commercial - it was made in an attempt to express who they are as motorcyclists and citizens...

So - my question to you and the people of this community - do you think that a happy medium, a compromise can be reached?

Personally, if it were me, I would not have purchased a home there if I already owned a motorcycle. Why would you want to live in a community where you are discriminated against?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this situation, one that will arise here in Canada eventually as more and more people find themselves living in larger centres and attempt to find a way to combat noise pollution. The rude, the insensitive and the obnoxious who ride motorcycles have sadly created problems like this all over the place - so, how does one deal with this?  What say you?

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