It appears from the news articles on the RCMP Watch web site that there are more police officers on trial than there are 1% ers.

The number of cases is astonishing.

Mounties are in the news in a bigger way than ever before and not in a good way.

Right here in Grande Prairie one officer is on paid leave after a domestic violence situation. There are cases of officers involved in mischief and violence. 

But even more astonishing than the fact that these people who took an oath to "Serve & Protect" are on trial is the fact that there are officers getting off on charges because they are taking too long to get to court.


One officer from Surrey has had his charges stayed on not one but THREE charges - Const. Imran Saeed. Why? Because the RCMP took too long investigating.

I shake my head people - what is it going to take to have a complete overhaul of the RCMP and the judicial system?

How do we teach young people to have any respect when the very people who are supposed to be upholding the law are committing heinous acts and getting away with them AND being paid while awaiting court?

Maybe I am just getting old and feeble...I would love your thoughts on this topic:
Is there any way to overhaul our system?

In other news one rider from Edmonton and one rider in New Brunswick are dead after crashes.

Also in Edmonton, the man who was charged in the death of motorcyclist Graham Miller will be heading to provincial court after a paperwork mess up.

I am planning on heading to Yellowknife on Tuesday to take part in the Midnight Sun Run on the 20th and then I head to Edmonton to take the advanced rider training course held by the Alberta Safety Council.  It's going to be a few busy weeks for this old gal!  I plan on video tapping my attendance in the course - we shall see just how little I really know!

There are other articles in the news today that may be of interest to you as a rider, check them out at where our job is keeping YOU informed!

I leave you with a few funnies shared with me by my wonderful, crazy friends on Facebook and from emails!

No matter where you are riding this weekend, no matter what event you might be attending, PLEASE - ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor &am Rider

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