I am so grateful to all who have gotten onboard to support the Breaking the Autism Barrier through Bikers and Biker Art Auction in support of Mark Mullen, a 19 year old artist from the Toronto area who has Aspergers Syndrome.

For those unfamiliar with Mark and his mission, I want to share a bit of his background.

Mark was accepted to Max the Mutt College of Animation - the college disregarded his academic marks and accepted him based solely on his portfolio of artwork. His tuition to this private college is $40,000 and he wanted to help pay for some of it. Many young men his age have part time jobs and contribute at least to their own upkeep. Mark has been unable to do that.

His art is what he has to contribute.

After seeing my interview with Christopher "Filthy Phil" Reed from Sons of Anarchy, Mark's mom Kristina Toomey got in touch with me and Ali and I decided to get on board to help this young man help himself. Ali built him a web site that once this auction of Mark's SOA artwork is over - Mark will be able to use to keep the riding community informed of his progress in school.

Here is the video that introduces Mark and tells you a bit about this young man.

I agreed to host the auction - for no fees...why?

Because I think that it is vital to support this young man for many reasons:
First - he wants to help himself
Second because his talent is so obvious and so deserving of the support and
Third because what Mark has accomplished in being accepted to college regardless of his academic marks is hugely important to families of other children with Autism.

Yesterday we had Clay - signed by Ron Perlman go for $525 - purchased by Paul Racine from Fox Creek AB and Tig, signed by Kim Coates went to Justin Ward of Estevan SK for $350

I spoke with Mark's mom, Kristina after the first day of the auction and she was over the top with joy.
She also shared with me that Mark completed his first assignment for his class at Max the Mutt and he had the top mark!

This auction is important not just to Mark and his family but to me.

A long time ago, a girlfriend of mine with two autistic boys showed me what love can do.  Brenda's two boys Adrian and Andre both autistic - Adrian far more severe than Andre - were told they'd have a tough time in life - that they wouldn't succeed in the normal school environment. Adrian in particular. Well, Brenda proved what a mother's love and determination could do.
She worked tirelessly with both boys to ensure they could take the bus, do their homework and succeed.

Kristina is a mom much like Brenda - loving, patient beyond belief and determined.

And so - as a mom myself - my heart told me this was the right thing to do.

I am so humbled and grateful to all who have gotten on board so far!
The bidding on Juice - signed by Theo Rossi, Piney, which is the only unsigned piece in the auction and Chibs, signed by Tommy Flanagan is fierce with 7 or 8 bidders competing for these pieces.

My personal goal for this auction was to see it bring in at least $4,000 for Mark to contribute to his education and I feel confident that we will reach that benchmark!

At noon today the third auction kicks off with Bobby signed by Mark Boone Jr. and Gemma signed by Katey Sagal...

For those who do not have the resources to bid on the artwork but would like to contribute to Mark's Education Fund - Click here to go to the PayPal donation page.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting this young man in his dreams...

There is a lot of news in the feeds today - I hope you will check the feeds out at where our work is keeping You informed!

Have a glorious and happy day!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor &Rider

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