Some people never learn....Toys "R" Us and a Yo-Yo maker are finding out the hard way that the death head of the Hells Angels is a protected trademark!  In an article today from the Phoenix News Times, it is reported that the Yo-Yo maker, Yomega's and Toys "R" Us did not respond to the cease and desist letters sent out to them and now they will all be going to court!

Sure looks like the death head to me...

In other news day one of our auction of Sons of Anarchy art by 19 year old, Autistic artist Mark Mullen his getting ready to war up. So far we have bids on the piece depicting Clay, signed by Ron Perlman of $300 and $250 on Tig signed by Kim Coates.

Piney - unsigned
At noon today this auction closes and the next one opens with Juice, Piney and Chibs on the block!
Juice" signed by Theo Rossi
"Chibs" signed by Tommy Flanagan
Help a young man help himself - this auction is meant to help Mark pay for some of his tuition costs at Max the Mutt Animation college in Toronto. He was accepted to the college based on his art portfolio and not his academic marks!  The cost for his tuition? $40K  He wants to help his parents pay for his education by offering up his art for sale!

In other news today - the Hogs for Horses event in Windsor ON netted $9,000 for the charity!

A man riding a mini bike in South Delta BC is in critical condition after being hit by a vehicle - he was not wearing a helmet and the bike had no lights.

The news feeds are relatively quiet so far today but check back at where our work is keeping You informed! We update the news feeds several times a day!

Have a FANTASTIC Tuesday everyone!

Belt Drive Betty
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