Dear Motorcycle Community,

I am so honoured, so humbled to be a part of a community that is filled with loving and giving human beings.  Many may slam us, many may not understand us - but this community is truly legendary for its capacity for giving. Our on line auction to support a young man with Aspergers Syndrome proves yet again what happens when people open their hearts.

We are well on the way to reaching my personal goal to raise $4,000 for Mark Mullen's education!

Day one we raised $875
Day two we raised $1,000 and now on day three with 5.5 hours to go in our second to last auction we are already at $900!

I want to thank everyone who has shared this young man's art and story - it is truly a blessing for all families who have children with an Autism Spectrum disorder that there are barriers being broken and all of you have helped play a role in that.

And I know that there have been a few who have donated to Mark's Education fund - to those who have - THANK YOU!!!! The donate link is on the top and the banner for donating is on the bottom of each auction page for those who would like to contribute - every little bit counts as his tuition fees are $40,000!

To those who have the financial resources to bid - please keep on - we have one more auction after Gemma and Bobby are noon today Young Jax and Opie go on the block.

It is the last opportunity to have anything autographed by Ryan Hurst as Opie!

I want to thank Ali - (the most wonderful community web mistress anyone could ask for) for donating her time to build the auction web site which will, when the auction is over, become a permanent home for Mark to share his talents with the world and will also serve as a web site for the Help Solve the Puzzle Ride for Autism Service Dogs.

It's Autism Awareness month and each one of you have helped to break down the barrier that people living with Autism face - so thank you, thank you and thank you for taking such an active role in this auction - every action, no matter how small you think it is, it has caused a ripple in the ocean of life that will touch many!

What makes this whole thing so special to me, is that this young man - Mark Mullen, who because of Aspergers,  had no way to work at a part time job to contribute to his education has found out that his art is his work/job and is his way to supporting himself - I hope you all understand what an impact you have made in his life.  Belt Drive Betty

Check out the news feeds on where our work is keeping You informed - there's quite a few interesting articles there today and for those who get our weekly community newspaper the Busted Knuckle Chronicles - I hope you enjoy reading the stories that are shared.

Have a fabulous Thursday and check in tomorrow at noon to find out the final tally in the Breaking the Autism Barrier through Biker and Biker Art Auction!

From the snowy north....have a FANTASTIC Thursday!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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