To my American friends, last night you elected a president.

Some are very happy that Barack Obama has another term, others are bitterly disappointed and some are scared.

It's a hard thing to be on the side that is defeated and so I ask my friends who are democrats to go easy on those who are republican this morning. Remember what defeat feels like so that you can be gracious in victory.

Like it or not, cheer it or dread it, Barack Obama is president of your country for another 4 years.

I wish you all the best as our allies and largest trading partner, the United States of America is important to we Canadians.

And I for one am glad you have chosen a president, I am glad that a record number of voters got out and exercised the fundamental obligation of voting.

I am so very glad that now the attack ads stop. The one thing I like least about American politics is how divisive those ads are. We here in Canada aren't much better either.

Regardless of which side of the political landscape you are on, if I call you friend, know this - I call you friend in spite of your politics.

I hope for the people of the United States of America that you can find a way to unite the way your country's name suggests you will.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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