Sturgis North was in the headlines again and it breaks my heart.  (The story begins at 2:05 into the newscast)

I resent having to give these people any airtime at all - but we have to.

Is there a way to prevent the people who run Sturgis North from hurting anyone else in our community? How about the businesses and regions they move to?

If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.

The latest is the saga of Sturgis North involves a group of Salmon Arm businesses who would dearly love to get the money owing to them but according to the TV report, President - Joan Hansen, says it could take 5 years for those people to get their money back. I personally don't understand why these people who are owed so much money don't band together and just shut them down.  A lawsuit is what is needed here - something that will shut Sturgis North down for good. But that's only my opinion - I do not believe that anyone is going to get their money - call me a pessimist - but I just don't see it happening.

In the research I did on Ray Sasseville, I had uncovered a series of what appears to be fraudulent activities and what appears to be smoke and mirrors that have been put up by naming Joan Hansen President of Sturgis North...the last time I did a search, Ray Sasseville was still very much the CEO of the event company.

It's not bad enough that people are left owing money from the 2011 show or that there is also - from what I have been able to learn, a boat load of debt from the 2012 show but they are going to try it again and this time the people with the largest potential to be hurt? The poorest first nations band in all of BC.

The more people talk about this event and the experiences that have devastated so many, the greater the ability there is to prevent the devastation of the previous two years from repeating itself.

The protection of our community is now in your hands....

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Have a great Tuesday everyone.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. DB Betty:

    this happens all the time in business. A business shuts down and opens in a new name which closely resembles the first and businesses grant them credit again. If everyone just demanded to get paid cash in advance, then this wouldn't happen.

    at our company if bad debt is not paid we won't deal with them anymore if we find they are run by the same management.

    If Debt was left behind on the first year, then why did everyone give them credit to try it again ?

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. I agree with you Bob - it's tragic that these kinds of circumstances keep happening - primarily because people by into the spiel of smooth talkers...and they don't do due diligence and even when they do the smooth talkers con them...

  3. I never did understand why they try to even start aSNorth.
    Are there no other places or rally names they could do that welcome these things?