Bikers constantly complain about distracted drivers.

What about you - when you drive your vehicle?
Do you grab your phone? Do you text and drive?

And on your bike? Do you use your phone? Text?  An article out of Orlando Florida this morning has me asking this question. A rider was texting while rounding a curve and crossed the center line hitting another motorist. The rider is dead.

I would love to know what your thoughts are on this topic - we are all addicted to our technology it seems. I have been making it a habit to shut my phone off when I drive - If I forget to and the phone does ring - I find a place to pull over and just ignore the alerts for texts and emails and then I shut the damned thing off.

I am human - I have slipped when in my car and answered the phone that I had forgotten to shut off - I get so angry with myself.  How about you? Have you ever slipped?

What can we do to get the message across?
What do we humans need to do to eliminate our absolute addiction to our phones?

And what do we have to do to get riders to not text and ride?

I am saddened and scared by this story - our phones are going to be the death of us literally...

I would love your feedback on this topic...

There is a TON of news in the feeds at where our work is keeping You informed. I guess the holidays are really over because the feeds are FULL!!!

I leave you with a few funnies - after the article of the day - I need to laugh...thanks to my friends on Facebook and who send these to me by email!

Have a fantastic Wednesday...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. There shouldn't be any laws on this. People should be allowed to drive/ride while using their cellphone, assuming they will be held accountable for the consequences.

    I use my cellphone while driving all the time, and in cases where traffic gets too busy, I put the cellphone down. I've also used my cellphone while riding, but only on long stretches of straight road where I can put the bike on cruise control and let go of the handlebars. Otherwise, I exercise responsibility.

    I know a lot of motorcycle riders with GPS devices mounted on their bars, and they push the buttons while riding down the road. That's not much different than using a cellphone.

    If you have the skill to multitask while driving or riding, then you should be free to do so. The last thing bikers should do is call on government to enact more laws.

  2. Dear Motorcycle Philosophy - I do not see anywhere here where I called for more laws.

    I am not sure how I feel about any rider riding and texting, using their to talk on phone, using a GPS or any of a million other things like Ipods etc.

    I see car drivers do it and most of them aren't half as good at it as they would like to think they are.

  3. Sorry but this is one area where the libertarian viewpoint doesn't wash imo. The problem is that a driver (or rider) who is on the cellphone or texting and gets in an accident as a result has a pretty good chance of taking me, or my wife, or my child with them. That's what makes this different from helmet or seatbelt laws (to name a couple).

  4. Hello betty. texting and riding is idiotic plain and simple. On another note the police are spreading fear about the stomp threating costs to community through extra policing . Please look up Stomp 2013, thx