The weekend at the HHR and the National Memorial ride was impressive and deeply emotional.

If you are a subscriber to our newspaper, then you already know how I felt about attending the Heroes Highway Ride & Rally.  Lou and Graeme did an amazing job with the support of the Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Units.  The ride was awesome, mother nature cooperated for a change and everyone who rode enjoyed the unified ride much better than last year's staggered leave ride.

The Heroes Highway Ride and Rally is a unique, free event that provides everyday Canadians the opportunity to meet members of the Canadian Armed Forces and say thank you personally.

It is also an opportunity to find out about the needs of our soldiers and our veterans along with the needs of their families.

While our government offers a fair amount of support for our troops, vets and their families I think we all agree that it can get better - a lot better.  Hence why there are organizations like the Tony Stacey Centre, a long term care facility that allows the vet and their spouse to remain TOGETHER.

Photos From HHR
There are other organizations looking to be supported and not just financially but with volunteering and other supports like the Military Family Resource Centres and the S.O.S. Project (Soldiers of Suicide), events like the Long Walk to Sanity and the Hillbilly Scavenger Hunt all hoping to attract your attention and support.

You can view all the photos from the HHR that I took on my Facebook Page - Bikers United in Remembrance

I ask you to like this page please as it will help keep you up to date with the Bikers United in Remembrance Conga among other things!

The ride to Ottawa on Sunday morning was overcast and cool, but Mother Nature didn't rain on us until after the ceremony and then only for a few minutes!
Voodoo at the National War Museum
A Voodoo at the National War Museum
The started out with us going to the National War Museum, then we all gathered at the Air Force Museum to get ready for the short 2.5 KM ride to the cemetery. This is the ONLY day of the year that motorcycles are allowed!

About 70 bikes and 170 people took in the National Memorial Ride.
Our National Military Cemetery - Beechwood, is a beautiful final resting place.
It was a moving ceremony.  I will be writing an article for next weeks Busted Knuckle Chronicles.
The National Military Cemetry

Again, you can view the photo gallery of the ceremony on the Bikers United in Remembrance Facebook Page.

Monday was another wonderful day.  After editing photos and writing my HHR article and editorial, I was blessed to spend an afternoon riding with Jon Burman of Classy Chassis in Lakefield Ontario.

Jon is without a doubt one of the kindest people I have ever met.  And I do not say that just because he gave me his Road Glide to ride for the duration of my stay in Ontario, I say it, because he is.

We had the most wonderful afternoon taking in the renovations at Classy Chassis, going for supper and then riding into Whitby to take part in the last hale of the Kickstands Up Radio program on RealityRadio 101 - we ad a ball. Lou DeVuono, the host of the show, is also the organizer of the HHR.
Kyra Breach who raised $2,600 for the Wounded Warriors and her dad Shaun were in studio, along with Graeme Hume, cofounder of the HHR and organizer of the Kingston leg of this year's HHR was present, as was Bob Deadman - in total 7 of us shared the mic and our thoughts on the amazing weekend we had all just shared!

Tuesday was a hectic day, getting packed and ready to head home. I dropped Jon's Road Glide off - reluctantly, and then we were off to Hamilton.

I arrived home yesterday feeling like I had run the gauntlet.

Between the emotion that drained the life out of me at the Heroes Highway Ride & Rally and the National Memorial Ride and all of the riding and visiting I got to do - I was tuckered out.

My flight home from Hamilton Ontario was less than stellar. I had attempted do check in electronically 24 hours before my WestJet flight. That didn't work out so well and I ended up in the back row with no way to recline my seat and so I was about as comfortable as a cat on a hot tin roof.

I have never been so grateful to get in my car in all my life!
I stayed over night in Millet AB with a good friend and then made the drive to Grande Prairie.

I got home to cases and cases of our 2013 Rider Friendly Phone Books that arrived while I was away.  I am happy to say that they are gorgeous and I am very pleased with how they turned out.  They maybe two weeks late getting here but it was worth the wait. I begin the process today of getting them out in the mail to everyone who ordered them and to our advertisers to give away.  There are 12 ride maps in the books this time and it is my plan that the 2014 books will be even more extensive!

Canada Post has decided to honor the Motorcycle with a couple of stamps!
Motor Stamps
Motor Stamps

We have a new - former motor officer named Dave Hale from New Brunswick writing for The Busted Knuckle - if you get a moment visit Issu to read his columns and our entire paper.

The man has a wealth of information and guidance to offer...

Well folks - that's it for me today - got a ton of stuff to get labelled and off to our subscribers and businesses!!!!

Have a fabulous day and if you are lucky enough to be riding today, please ride like everyone around you is blind and cannot see you!

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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