In the news today is a video spot from CHEX TV where in Chief Hagarty makes some comments that are being refuted by Linda Brown of the Kawartha Charity Riders. Some of his claims, when put into context are quite frankly ridiculous and I believe he has put his foot in it good and proper again.

But you be the judge:

Mayor McGee's Comments about the Chief banning the local biker group from Remembrance Day March:"My voice was not being heard. And as a representative of the people, I think it is important to stand up, for the rights of Remembrance Day Ceremonies, and our fallen soldiers and our veterans. This isn't about me, this is about doing what's right."

About asking for an apology:
"Hopefully we'll see an apology for this mistake in the near future."

The Chief's Comments about the Mayor: "There has been some difficulty, and he doesn't agree with many of my positions."

About the Kawartha Charity Riders:
"Walking right up with a digital camera and taking a shot of our face.
And, they may or may not know that, and I am not accusing them of being a criminal biker gang, but that's what criminal biker gangs do. They develop a data base of pictures of police officers."

About apologizing:
"If I ever have something that I should apologize for, I will, not in this case."

Linda Brown's Comments about taking the photos:
I like to take images, I always have my camera with me at every event I am at and I take photos for memories not for criminal integration.
Linda Brown's Statement regarding Chief Hagarty's Comments:


-A few years ago KCR was invited to march in the Remembrance Day Parade and did so proudly.

-All members wore black pants/tops with black vests (including me)

-Hagarty told the Legion that he would not march in the parade if KCR is. KCR backed off in order not to put that decision on the Legion.

-I personally sent several messages, phone calls and visits to which Hagarty would not discuss the event with me. I then made the "Dear Mr. Hagarty" Youtube video to get his attention. I did exactly that. 

-When Hagary finally agreed to meet with me, my concerns were directed to the reputation of the community as a whole. I suggested that a photo "opp" with him and KCR showing that we could come up with a solution to any kind of disagreement. 
He was not in agreement to this and stood by his comment regarding our "uniform...or lack of." 
I continued to focus on the best interest of a community at whole, not him or the KCR. 

- Not at any time during this meeting did Hagarty tell me that he had issues with photos being taken, but it has become the issue arising this year. I am the one whom was taking photos of everyone, not just officers.

- I am a Social Worker, not a criminal. 
My focus is what is best for everyone, not him/me/KCR. 
I do NOT have a criminal record or intent to take photos for criminal practices. 

-I advocate for the better good. 
I attempted to assist Hagarty with this to ensure nothing would be a negative impact on our community or each other. 
Nothing came of it and stereotyping is continued in a negative way towards the KCR.

- Unfortunately, this will not be the end of it and will be dealt with in higher forms of action. 
Not because KCR wants to walk in a parade, or that KCR is looking for any kind of media. 
It is because there are too many things going on that are unacceptable and there is nothing being done to repair the situation. 

Serve and Protect. Not stereotype and give ultimatums in order to get your own way. 
Things need to be done right. This community needs an individual whom understands its people. 

-The Legion is placed in the middle and it is not right for them to have to choose or be placed in this situation. Please do not blame/ harass them for any reason.
Linda Brown

Now that you have three sides of this story I want you to dissect this with me bit by bit:

Linda Brown, the photographer, rides a pink Ninja, wears pink riding gear and lives in Lindsay and works as a social worker.

The police chief talks about bikers walking up and snapping shots of police officer faces. 
And Linda Brown is the biker he refers to? OK

At any point, could the chief not have talked to this very petite, dressed in pink social worker and ask her what the pictures were for? Could none of the officers that had concerns ask her? 
This is ludicrous

From this particular video from Chex TV I need to address two things:
One - the reporter kept saying the riders were banned, and never once does the chief deny that.
Two - the "banned" comments from the reporter could have been added during editing. 
This is suspect - banning only happens when a club is considered as or suspected as a criminal organization and we have no way of knowing if the words banning were added in the editing suite or part of the original interviews.

From the way the police chief speaks, contrary to his words, he appears to be laying a foundation for suspicion on the Kawartha Charity Riders as a criminal motorcycle gang by attempting to create a parallel between a girl in pink leathers taking photos of everyone and some criminal biker walking up and taking headshots. This my friends is profiling.

Add that to his comments that started all of this:
"The Remembrance Day parade is a very respectful, sacred, in my opinion, parade, honouring those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and it is just inappropriate to water that down to a level where you are wearing black leather chaps and motorcycle insignia, walking down the main street of any town in Canada." This is discrimination.

Is it just me or is the writing is on the wall?

Is it time to look at hiring a lawyer and get prepared for the fact that our petition will fall on deaf ears with the Police Service Board for the City of Kawartha Lakes?

If it is - you know it means a battle, a lengthy and costly one.

Personally I am of the opinion we have to get prepared - what say you?

We will be getting a Pay Pal Account Set Up later today and as soon as it is live, we will begin passing the hat for a defending our rights fund.

In the meantime, keep spreading the word about our petition please and remember to sign it with first and last name.

If you are blessed enough to be riding today, please ride like everyone around you is blind and cannot see you and remember to dress for the slide, not the ride.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. Mark Wongstedt9:59 AM

    In my discussions with veterans and family members (also veterans), there was a common consensus: Our fellow Canadians did not die, did not get maimed, did not suffer horrendous mental anguish so we could live in a society without freedom. In our experience in Saskatoon: Old guard veterans are some of the biggest proponents of ALL being part of Remembrance Day. We were welcome with OPEN arms to join in the largest indoor ceremony in Canada.

    What we are seeing IS discrimination. In the arena of honouring the sacrifice of all who served, this is simply disgusting.

    My personal feeling is that we are seeing the tip of the iceberg. Simply look at the events in Australia, USA and other countries to see where this can go. Prepare yes, Solidarity yes Support from all corners of our great country should flow.

  2. Anonymous4:09 PM

    There was a time when I thought maybe the chiefs record as a police officer should be taken into account and firing his ass was a little extreme, After seeing this arrogant dickhead today him and Rob Ford need to leave on the same train!
    Our Veterans fought and died to stop someone from imposing his will on innocent people. This man is Arrogant and a police officer that profiles the public he works for, he is no longer capable of doing the job we hired him for!If nobody ever says no to you ,you begin to believe you are God, Mr. Hagarty you are no God!

  3. smokey12:58 PM

    You shouldn't have to hire a lawyer, file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission, everyone else does.