I am old fashioned.

To me it matters greatly that companies respect/observe Remembrance Day BEFORE they start putting out Christmas Merchandise, Christmas Ad and other propaganda.

It is exceedingly important to me that companies who say they support our troops and our vets really do.

It is important to not only TALK the talk in your marketing and sales pitches but it is deeply important that you WALK that talk and really do what your marketing says you do.

So today, November 7th, 2013, I get an email from Harley-Davidson telling you all about how to Knock Out your Christmas list...NOT Remembrance Day is coming let' show our support...

No...sadly the company that touts itself as AMERICAN FREEDOM has forgotten who gave them that freedom inspite of their history with veterans & war and inspite of what's on their web site and marketing.

This one advertisment speaks louder to me about who Harley-Davidson has become than anything else they could possible do.  I am not talking about the dealers here - I am strictly talking parent company...

They seem to have forgotten that our troops aren't just something to market to or to use in marketing.
Or maybe that' just me being old fashioned.

I am not sure how I feel about the new bike models that Harley has announced - I get that they want to diversify, get more young people riding - their direction is very clear.

The new import looking bikes, the 500 and 750 CC's are to be followed by smaller 250's and 300's

I am unsure of how the values of the heavy weight bikes are going to be affected, I am curious as to how diluted the brand might become or whether this diversification will bring them the desired results as a company.

I wonder if the true die hard Harley fan is going to stay that way?

For me it's not about the broader and more diversified, to me it's all about contradictory marketing messages and what they speak to at the core of things.  Harley-Davidson USA - I am deeply disappointed that you started marketing Christmas to me, 5 days before Remembrance day...

I really don't like that.

I am curious though - if the bikes sold in the US are going to be assembled in the US - does that hold true for Canada too or are we getting the Indian assembled version of the bikes here? Does anyone have that answer?

On another Remembracne Day topic, please do NOT get me started on the White Poppy promotions that are happening right now....

I'd love your feedback on the topics for today....

How do you feel? I'd love to know.

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. As a veteran myself I honestly don't get the issue of Christmas versus Remembrance Day. This is the first year I've seen so much posted about it and just don't understand the concern. I can understand the desire by many (myself included) to defer Christmas advertising, etc until as late as possible, but if a business starts pushing Christmas in October I will get upset because it's too damned early, not because it's before Remembrance Day.

  2. Oh, and don't get me started on the white poppy either!

  3. I have always believed that you do not promote Christmas until after Remembrance Day - it is something that was drilled into me since I was a kid. I feel that the sacrifices our veterans have made deserve to be honored first. The commercialization of Christmas can wait and really 44 days after Nov. 11th are left to promote Christmas shopping. But hey - I am a dinosaur from another era - I get that.