Louise Lewis had this brilliant and inspired idea to get riders from every walk of like, the famous, the infamous and everyone in between, to talk about their philosophy and approach to life.

As a result, “The Meaning of Life According to Bikers” is without a doubt, one of the most inspirational books you could ever hope to read.

Actors, actresses, generals, CEO’s, race car drivers, US Senators, astronauts, nurses, writers, singers, automation engineers, logistics managers and more are all present and give you the most amazing insight into who we riders, as a collective, really are.

I am a member of the Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Units where the motto is “Ride, Have Fun While Helping Others”.
This book embodies that philosophy, but I’d say it takes it a lot further…. “Grow yourself, grow your community, spread your love and generosity and KNOW you are amazing. Don’t doubt your tribe, yourself or the higher power that guides you.”
These are just some of the tidbits that I have gleaned from this read.

As you turn each page and admire the amazing photography and read the stories of inspiration from all those who share this passion we call motorcycling, you will find strength and resilience, kindness, joy, tenacity, love and heroism all represented.  You will find yourself represented here as well.

The question about why we love to ride is often brought up to riders by those who don’t.
And while no one can fully explain the “why” or express truly the kinds of hearts and souls that are drawn to motorcycling, this collection of some 100 or so riders stories, comes the closest I have ever seen.

It is a book that everyone who loves to ride really should read for themselves, for their own gratification and a sense of connectedness, and then they should pass one on to every non rider out there, for this book has the ability to win over hearts and minds.

Renee “Belt Drive Betty”
Writer & Rider

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