I'll be leaving for Nelson around Noon on Wednesday - or I hope around Noon.
I can't wait to go for a good long ride and clear the cob webs!
Argh this has been a week from He double hockey sticks!

Safe riding to all no matter where you go for Canada Day.
I hope you will take a moment to reflect on our rights and freedoms as motorcyclists and say a prayer in solidarity for those communities where the police services over step their bounds and the politicians encourage them and they are all fed my a main stream media that loves hate and fear mongering.

Campbell River BC, Grande Prairie AB, Falkland BC, Drumheller AB, almost the whole province of Ontario, cities like Regina, Saskatoon and Manitoba, bikers from right across this country face descrimination every day for who we are and the love we have for our pass time - motorcycles.

Please, do your part as a rider to change public opinion, obey the laws and be considerate of the elderly, the infirm (throttle hands, educate and encourage new riders in safe road skils and courtesy and support your fellow riders in their fight against descrimination of the motorcyclist.

July 1st - Canada Day, our vets fought for our rights and freedoms, it's up to us to protect them

BD Betty

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