This has been a week from heaven and hell!

I have been home for 4 days this month!
I think my husband has forgotten what I look like!

The hell has been the endless rounds of meetings for the up coming bike show.
It's a 70 kilometer commute each way from where I am staying in Sylvan Lake. It's made for some really long days.

The heaven was finally meeting Russell Mitchell and getting to see Roger Goldammer again.

I think many of you will find the upcoming issue of the paper very interesting as I was blessed to interview both men and I do mean blessed. These guys inspire me. Any way, I'll shut up because I don't want to spoil the paper's impact!

I apologize that I haven't started getting the photo galleries for 2007 up. To be frank, I was overly optimistic as to how much free time I would have on this trip.

I have some great pictures for you though, ones I just couldn't fit in the paper.

Over the last three bike shows I have done some interviews with guys like Brent from Precision Frameworks in Calgary and Martin Hogan of Hogan's Hogs, also of Calgary. Those will appear in weeks to come. Yes, being on the road trying to run a business and conduct a life....balance, I am suffering from a lack thereof!

Till the next time,
BD Betty

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