When I first got this helmet by UPS, I was a tad shocked by how fast it arrived. 5 days from across the pond!

I opened the box to find a second box inside that when I opened it up , it’s all padded and all sleek looking. 

In the box - stickers, a poster/instruction book, a second visor, helmet bag and visor bag!

I took out the bagged helmet and opened it up.

My first impression was what a bad assed looking helmet.

Do you remember the Movie and TV Series from the Eighties called “V”? It was all about an alien species that lands on earth with what appears to be good intent only to reveal their sinister plot.  This Atlas Riot Hellfire 2.0 Helmet makes me think of that movie. 

Now most of you know how I feel about full face helmets, so you can imagine the sense of anxiety I felt looking at this bad boy.

All I could think of is, will I be able to breath? 

Without looking at the instructions or taking of the protective covering on the visor off, I pulled this size medium helmet on and was totally shocked that because of the vent in the chin, you don’t have to breath stale air. This helmet is light, Popcorn light.  IT FITS!!!!!

I truly can’t wait to get this helmet on and go for a ride with it.

Here are some of the finer points of the helmet that I will be looking at when I get to wear it!

A Removable Inner Liner

An emergency pull system allows the ear padding to be removed in case of emergency 

 making helmet removal safer and easier for EMS.

Easy entry liner

Easy to replace liner, Snaps into place

Air Vents  - 6 of them

Open, Close vent in chin/mouth area to keep visor fogless

Anti Fog, Anti Scratch

Tool-less Visor

Visor locks in place to seal the visor from rain.

Multiple Locking Points

Pinlock capable for the visor to be anti fog - the second visor comes with a pinlock insert!

Quick Lock Buckle System, magnetic that is rated as strong as a D Ring System

Lightweight Carbon Fibre

ECE - DOT Rated

Shockwave Communication System Module Area

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