The Hells Angels had a booth at a festival in New Westminster and that has brought the 12th Street Music Fest and all festivals under scrutiny in that city. It appears that the city of New Westminster now wants a report that is to outline a family-oriented and public safety policy for street festivals and parades that must include the appropriateness of the vendors allowed to sell their wares and what activities will be acceptable and how they will govern the festivals and parades.

In Ladysmith BC, the Veterans Canada MC has come under scrutiny by the police services on Vancouver Island. Why? Because they wear a three piece patch that identifies the club as an Outlaw MC.

For those of you who do not know or understand the differences in patches and what they mean - here is the link to a great article that clearly expresses the difference in patches and their meanings:

I find myself wondering why it is that the police services are not better educated as to the difference in patches and why they feel the need to scrutinize every patch worn my motorcyclists. You would think that with all of the information that is out there and available to everyone that they would know better - but, they do not seem to be willing to educate themselves. Or perhaps they really do know and instead of sharing the knowledge, would rather stir fear whenever they can.

There are so many misconceptions as to who is who in the motorcycle world that could be cleared up very simply - through education.

I, like many other riders, feel that the scrutiny of our motorcycle community events by the Anti Biker and Outlaw Motorcycle Gang units is disgusting. Even the names of these police services is outlandish. ANTI Biker - I am a biker - why are you against me? Outlaw Motorcycle GANG? An outlaw motorcycle CLUB is not generally a GANG.

There are Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs and 1% Motorcycle Clubs - the two are not necessarily involved with each other. Educate yourself!

For those of you who think that starting an Outlaw MC is cool - remember this, you will be scrutinized by the 1% ers and the police. WHY?

The 1% ers want to know if you are claiming a territory, what your motivation is behind starting a 3 piece patch club and the police - well, they for some reason automatically assume that anyone wearing a three piece patch has to be bad news and some how connected to 1% ers.

The reasons many outlaw clubs sporting 3 piece patch spring up are simple to understand.
Many start because the people who start them think the 3 piece patch is cool - no other reason - they have not educated themselves as to the ramifications or the true requirements of being an Outlaw MC.

Then there are those who start up because they carry the outlaw mentality - They want a prospecting period for new members - you can't just buy a patch, you have to earn it, to commit to riding with the club and being active and involved. If you aren't committed to the cause and ethics of the club, the members can and will vote you out. They have few rules but the ones they have ARE written in stone - no exceptions allowed.

Belonging to an Outlaw MC generally has nothing to do with being a criminal or having ties to those who are criminals and I wished that the police would get it right and do some research before they spout off.

Profiling - it is a "tool" of the police services. What is profiling you ask?

Noun 1. profiling - recording a person's behavior and analyzing psychological characteristics in order to predict or assess their ability in a certain sphere or to identify a particular group of people

The police services use profiling to decide whether or not a group of people is likely to commit a crime. They have been disallowed the use of profiling in general terms when it comes to the Black community, the Italian Community, the Hispanic Community, the Asian Community etc...why? Because that is discrimination. Just because you are Black, Hispanic, Asian or Italian does not mean you have any affiliation to criminals just because there are criminals who are Black, Hispanic, Asian or Italian.

So why is it OK to profile our community? Why is it that the police services are allowed to target motorcyclists who wear a patch - ANY PATCH - for special attention?

Because we, the motorcycle community have not banded together to stop it.

We have two choices in our community - we either allow this sad and disgusting practise to go on without a whimper, or we can fight to have our community protected under our Charter of Freedoms and Rights.

In the article on the Veterans MC the evidence of the profiling of our community is clear.
And I quote: 
"Police were not taking any chances, with specialists from the outlaw motorcycle gang unit keeping an eye on the Veterans poker run and anniversary party on Saturday, which saw 40 bikers hit several pubs on a round-trip ride to Shawnighan Lake. Police have photographed club members more than once, and the neighbouring school principal has come down to meet them."

Later in the article: "RCMP say they have had calls from concerned citizens and take an interest in any group with a three-piece patch. A new rise in clubs linked to the aging bikers have sprung up across B.C., including the Campbell River-based Devil's Army.

"We don't view them as an outlaw club," said Pat Wilkinson of the outlaw motorcycle gang unit. "Right now, they're a bunch of military guys that like to ride bikes." End Quote

Really? The Veterans MC IS an Outlaw Motorcycle Club and has been in Ladysmith for over a year from my knowledge. 
Why is it, that they have been repeatedly photographed? 
Why is it that even a year later, they are still being scrutinized? 
This is a traditional Outlaw MC comprised of active and former military personnel - why do the police feel the need to muddy the waters by using the terminology of our community in a wrong manner? 

Pat Wilkinson says that: "RIGHT NOW, they are just a bunch of military guys who like to ride bikes." 
What does that mean? That because they sport a 3 piece patch they will remain under scrutiny? 
That they might become a 1% er MC soon?  

I for one am sick of the spin and innuendo. I happen to know many of the members of the Veterans Canada MC and they have all either served or still serve this country. They just want to ride with others who experience the same challenges caused by their service to our country (PTSD amongst other issues that are common to those who have defended our country) and are committed to serving veterans affairs - thier mandate is clear and simple...

This is from their web site:

Membership into the Verterans MC Canada is by invitation only however we encourage interested and prospective people that meet the criteria below to contact us.

Strength, honour, and pride of service; Past, present, and future is our motto and we intend to deliver our services and support one another as fellow Veterans, active service men and women with integrity and pride.

Our membership is comprised of Veterans of the various theaters of conflict, active service personnel, and members of the reserve forces.

* A minimum of three years of service in either the regular or reserve forces of the Armed Forces.

* Coming on Strength records and release dates are required for full membership and insurance of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

There are three generally recognized forms of motorcycle associations:

* General Associations - Allow anyone to pay a membership fee regardless of their desire to ride a motorcycle but further the cause of motorcycling.

* Riding Clubs - Have no expectation of their membership with regard to meetings and runs; these are considered to be social clubs.

* Motorcycle Clubs - Hold their members to a strict code of ethics and have an exceptionally high requirement to their membership when it comes to attending meetings and runs.

We have chosen to be a motorcycle club as we hold our membership to a strict code of ethics and demand attendance at meetings and runs associated with our club. It is our desire as a club to have our members participating in all of our functions. The only exceptions are for our actively serving military members when they get called to serve a tour of duty.

To become a full patched member of the Veterans MC Canada a potential member must complete a minimum of two years of recruiting phase which is comprised of two stages :

Prospective members are invited to begin riding with our club by a full-patched member of our club and are expected to help out at fundraisers and take part in our club rides. During this stage of membership the recruit must :

* Exhibit strong morals and principles.
* Show a strong desire to help Veterans, Veteran societies and organizations, and active military members and their families.

This stage can last as little as a year but, may take longer depending on attendance, heart, and their ability to fit in with the club. The fit must work for both the recruit and the club.

After completing the recruitment stage the recruit becomes a member with full voting privileges but, is not allowed to hold officer positions until the end of their second year.

In order to be considered for membership in the Veterans MC Canada, the potential member must receive 100% acceptance from the full members of the club.


We are a non territorial club!

Like I said, some simple education could alleviate 90% of the BS and misconceptions about our community.
The police services have all of this knowledge and technology but still manage to twist things to keep the fear up amongst the general public so that they can dip into the tax payers pockets - at least that is this riders take on things....

What say you?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

There is a TON of news in the news feeds today, please take a few moments to check them out at to see if there is somethig there that might affect your day or your plans!

Ride safe today, remember to ride like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and to use respect with that right hand. Using your pipes for anything other than emergency purposes is just giving our community a black eye and will cost us this life saving tool through Motorcycle Only noise by laws...

Belt Drive Betty
Editor & Rider

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  1. This is one of the best explanations that I have ever read. And, I agree that the RCMP is overboard in their attempt to enforce...ahem harrass the vet club.

  2. Um, did you read the article on the Veteran Club?

    RCMP Quote:
    "We don't view them as an outlaw club," said Pat Wilkinson of the outlaw motorcycle gang unit. "Right now, they're a bunch of military guys that like to ride bikes."

  3. Yes I read it - what is your question? The RCMP don't view and outlaw club as an outlaw club because they are thinking one per center not outlaw - that is the difference here.
    I ask some hard questions - like why they have photographed then Veterans Mc several times, why they followed their poker run if they aren't under scrutiny...

  4. By referring to the Veteran's M/C as an outlaw club we are exacerbating the problem in the eyes of others. The Veterans M/C is a 3 piece motorcycle club but they are not outlaws. In fact they are quite the opposite they are motorcycle enthusiasts that have or are still putting their lives on the line to protect Canadians. As I read from your article they chose to be a Motorcycle club in order to be able to restrict the membership and because they desire to have fully committed members. This does not mean that they are "outlaws." I think that it would do them good to refer to them as either a 3 piece club or a Veteran's motorcycle club. As for your questions as to why the police would want to watch them so closely I wholeheartedly agree.

  5. But Tony, as I understand the definition of an outlaw Motorcycle Club - that is exactly what the Veterans MC is. An outlaw motorcycle club by definition is:

    From the article on the history of patches:

    Thus began what are today referred to as outlaw motorcycle clubs and "one percenters." These clubs were not sanctioned by the AMA and were banned from attending AMA events. Which was, apparently, cool with the bikers. The titles of "outlaw" and "one percenter" were embraced and worn as a badge of honor.

    An outlaw mc is a motorcycle club that is NOT sanctioned by the AMA

    Do you have a different definition? If so I would love to read it and educate myself further.

  6. Anonymous12:43 PM

    I agree totaly with ya Betty as a vet and motorcycle rider the way our military veterans who are also menmbers of 3 piece motorcycle clubs are getting a real rough go by all Law Enforcement, have a look and see what happened when the Falcons MC attempted to hold a fund raiser for Vets, and the total overreaction of the Medicine Hat police.

  7. Anonymous - you need to get in touch with me personally - it is imperative - PLEASE
    go to my web site to contact me if you don't have my personal email

  8. Anonymous5:27 AM

    way two many clubs..we should all wear the same 3 piece patches..with just stating where we are from..that sure would put a dent in profiling...that would leave the fuzz really out there looking for real criminals....innocent till proven guilty is still on the table....last i read!!!cops have way too much power today..they all dress like they are getting for a war ...taser or shoot them i think is there new law in behavior...ML&R

  9. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Check out the Gangsters Out Blog dated Sept 26, 2011

  10. I won't grace Agent K's blog, I won't engage with the man - I will not let him drag me down to his level. I find the man offensive in his belligerence...

  11. Anonymous10:21 AM

    An MC that is a criminal organisation should be treated as such, and an MC that is not a criminal organisation should not be treated as such. An outlaw is someone with total disregard for the law or decency, as defined by law, not the AMA, lest they could brand anyone an outlaw. This is not to be confused or interpreted that the law in "practice" has any regard for decency.

  12. Anonymous9:52 AM

    I think this group has fashioned itself as a 1% MC - can only join if yu own a Harley and after a 1 year Initiation period, give me a break, is it about Veterans of NOT ?!

    I for one am a Veteran (Infantry)and was interested, but I own a Yamaha and there is no way I would go through a 1 year Initiation, my Initiation was Basic Training, the Infantry Battle School, Peacekeeping (and being shot at)

  13. No Anonymous - not after 1%ers but after the original Owtlaw - requiring a prospecting period to ensure a good fit - the HD thing is probably the founding members preferences...This is a free country - no one forces you to join what you are not comfortable with. If there is not a diamond on their chest - they are not one percenters - simply outlaws....


    1. A one-piece patch typically signifies a family club, riding club, AMA- sanctioned motorcycle club or political action/biker rights organization. Some require little more than filling out an application (which is actually a release of liability) and mailing a check.

    2. A 2-Piece patch has many different meanings and variations as long as it's done with "respect" to other clubs. A two-piece patch may signify a motorcycle club in transition, awaiting approval from the dominant club(s) to become a three-piece patch. These clubs are sometimes, but not always, in the process of becoming an associate or support club. The hierarchy and traditions in the MC community are complex but not without purpose. They are valuable for maintaining order and avoiding trouble.

    3. The 3-Piece patch normally identifies the club as a traditional motorcycle club(MC). A three-piece patch signifies that the club is not sanctioned by the AMA, but not necessarily a 1% club. With very few exceptions, the club has been approved by the dominant club in the state or area.

    The three- piece patch is awarded in three parts as a prospective member earns the privilege to wear the full patch. A "hangaround" is someone who is eligible for membership and has been invited to attend club events and runs, but wears no part of the patch. If he is sponsored by a full member and approved by the club members he may wear the bottom rocker and is considered a "prospect". If he successfully completes the training period and is approved by 100% of the members, he is allowed to have the top rocker and the "center patch" or club insignia. His colors are then complete and he is considered to be a full member or "patch holder."

    VISIT: for more information on club hierarchy

  14. One of the main reasons we went to a one piece indicating a riding club. It is a shame that profiling is abundant in the Police world against motorcycle clubs, unfortunately I don't see it ending, especially when you have some province that have, to my knowledge, banned the wearing of 3 piece patches all together.

  15. Anonymous7:33 PM

    I had 4 of this clubs members volunteer (no pay) to work security at of all things, a rodeo. western kind. and they were the most polite and helpful people on the grounds even after am RCMP officer told me to have them remove thier cuts or he would shut down the event. I being a retired military also refused to ask them. but the guys did remove them on thier own to stop the trouble. I have lodged a complaint with the RCMP. Liquer inspectors had been in and praised us for doing a good job....

  16. Anonymous9:30 PM

    I find it amazing that someone who has served 30 years in the CF and has 11 tours under their belt has to prove his loyalty by being a prospect for any length of time in any "Veterans" club is quite sad. You should be proud to have he or she joining your club, because I guarantee you he or she has proved themselves to your club and Canada many times over. Shame on you

  17. MC's operate differently from the other "clubs" out there - if you want to wear three pieces, you need to go through the process - there are many, many clubs where you buy a patch - no proving time needed.

  18. Anonymous3:11 PM

    I know this is old. BUT... most of you don't "GET IT". What I mean is , if you want to look like an outlaw club by wearing a 3 piece patch then you are going to get treated like an outlaw club. Why is that so hard to understand? Why do you want to look like a scumbag anyway? I can't figure that out.
    The 3 piece patch is ALWAYS linked with being a criminal organization or outlaw club. ALWAYS. It isn't going to change. Switch to a nice single patch and ride on. Use the 3 piece and you will get interest from police until it can be determined you aren't a criminal gang. Simple.
    If you look like a douchebag you will get treated like one.

  19. I'm a vet, unfortunately only one tour under my belt, recently did a PTSD poker ride to raise money for MM and PTSD, yet because I ride a street bike instead of a cruiser or a Harley I can't join and vetran MC club. I get that that's what we all fought for but at the same time it's kinda bs that a brother is only your brother if he rides the right bike.

    1. Anonymous5:21 PM

      You can join Green Knights MMC we don't discriminate.

  20. good on you BDB... was an interesting comment until i read the quote form Mr no name "If you look like a douchebag you will get treated like one" lost all credibility after that statement ...

    International Sgt at Arms
    Comrades in Arms MMC

  21. Very informative article DBD. I am an Army Vet with one tour. I was a reservist for 6 years and worked with the RCR and PPCLI. In 1993 I was a member of unprofor in Crotia with the PPCLI,most notably the hell hole called , Medak Pocket. I made a center crest for my vest with my unit and hat badge insignia proudly displayed. Above the crest is VETERAN and below it is CANADA so yes it's a 3 patch vest. I'm not a member of any club, I'm just a proud Vet that wears something incredibly special every time I ride. I've had ZERO issues with any law enforcement... so call me a douche if you like but I'll wear this vest until the day they bury me in it!
    Soldier on my Brothers

  22. I like Mr X want to where a Veteran and Canada patch as I am an 8 yr Combat Engineer Vet ...I dont belong to a club as I am in a remote community in BC and there is not one close ... I have ridden all my life and own and ride a harley .. If I where my vest riding I am just being proud of my service... I am NOT a 1% ...Chimo !!

  23. I agree with Mr X I am a vet and just want to ride and be proud of my service on my vest I have the same top crest Veteran and lower Canada ... I served 8 years as a combat engineer and have ridden bikes all my life presently riding a harley ... There is no Vet clubs where I live in northern BC if there was one I would definetly join however I am proud to have served and just want to display that and ride ... Chimo!!