I have spent the last two days battling computer issues. It appears that certain files became corrupted onmy PC causing my movie maker program to not work properly, my PDF maker for invoicing too quit working - ah MICROSOFT how I love to hate you!  I am researching purchasing a couple of MAC's - I simply can not handle the lost days of productivity. It's maddening and discouraging.

I have done everything I know how to do, uninstalled, reinstalled, cleaned, defragged, tested and still I am having challenges. Technology is wonderful and yet...I am glad that I got in some wind therapy before this happened as I have been able to remain relatively calm compared to normal, but what a challenge and at the worst time of year. I have reports, proposals and a ton of other work to do and am in a holding many of you out there have been in the same boat?

Microsoft needs to provide better tutorials and help than they do.

I would love to hear about your most infuriating time with a computer - I am tired of feeling alone here so please share your stories - misery loves company and I am in misery!

In other news:

It appears that I am not alone in my plea for bicycle riders to have to follow the rules of the road!
There are two articles in the Toronto Star that express similar sentiments to mine. It is time to license and register bicycles and to require them to carry PL/PD Insurance.  The reason their is no enforcement of bicycles is that there is not much the police can do to them now...

A dumb ass on Facebook found out that bragging in a public forum about being an idiot will get you arrested!
To those who air their dirty laundry and brag about their stupidity, remember the COPS ARE ON FACEBOOK!

Leaking trucks, kite string across an intersection - these are dangers that are out of the norm that caused injuries for riders yesterday. It's bad enough that we have distracted drivers, pot holes the size of large animals and frost heaves and road debris to contend with...

In Kamloops BC, the RCMP report that the HOG Rally and another large event ended up being non events for them.

In Digby, Glen Dunn is making some big claims about the Wharf Rat Rally, he thinks it might be the biggest in Canada - Sturgis North had over 50,000 riders over the 5 days (Unofficial numbers) and Bike Week Canada is coming up in Sanair QC and expecting HUGE crowds with their stellar line up of entertainment - it will prove interesting at the end of the season to look at the official numbers of all three events to see which comes out on top!

In Trenton ON there was a huge welcome home for some of our troops

In the US - the 9/11 ride stretched out over 17 miles and the upcoming ride to honour the flight 93 passengers begins in San Fransisco on Monday

In Russia, Vladimir Putin calls bikers his brothers...

As has become the norm of late, there are a ton of motorcycle crashes to report, visit the Rider Down section on to find out who has been hurt or killed.

There is a TON of news in the feeds today, visit to catch up on the news that can have an effect on your day and your riding plans.

If you are fortunate enough to be riding today, PLEASE - ride safely - like everyone around you is blind and can not see you and remember to use respect with that right hand.

Belt Drive Betty,

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