I'ts 15 to 7 on Thursday night and I popped in to set up a new member.
I was working in the administration portion of the site and was amazed to see that we had 22 people on line. Myself and Ali were the only 2 members.

I've asked her to get a show how many visitors on line module.
I remember when I was thrilled to see one other person on line at the same time as me.

I've been working away on the provincial event calendars - as groups and businesses firm up their 2008 events we are pulling them all together. I all we have about 600 events for the 2008 riding season from group ride nights and breakfasts to runs, rallies, demo days, competition events - and not many of them set yet! In all I have added about 60 events in the last 2 days.

Registered members - you can help me here! Submit your clubs stuff right into the calendars and when you have drop me an email so I can go and check on the repeating portion.

Your help would be much appreciated!

Hope you find the information in the calendars useful when planning your holidays and choosing the long weekends you want to book off this riding season.

I also hope it proves useful for those who are moving to a new area - you can find others of like mind at quite easily.

Register for your free membership today and remember a subscription to the Busted Knuckle Chronicles On Line is only $5.30 a year! Gives you free classified ads and the color version of the paper delivered to your computer 48 times a year!

Stay safe out there!
BD Betty

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